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  • Trump-Shooting-Gold-Standard-PsyOp

    This recap indicates that the Trump “assassination” was a deliberate PsyOp to further awaken the world to the war between Good and Evil. It worked. […]

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    A deadman’s switch that contains 30+ Terrabytes of incriminating data is surely the Deep State’s greatest nightmare; their “Sum Of All Fears.” Hence the translation […]

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    Crowdstrike Ukraine Servers Fail. Take Down Much Of The World Internet Emergency Phone Services Fail. Airlines Cancel Hundreds of Flights. Effects Felt From Britain to […]

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    Something odd occurred on the Stock Exchange the day before the assassination attempt on President Trump’s life. This image from an X/Twitter post spells it […]

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    Before you get into my personal assessment of the assassination attempt on President Trump, I highly recommend taking time, in full, to watch and listen […]