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Ramtha – Prepare For Change

“The radical nation in the last days is this country, this land, the nation of a radical people that will rise up against its enslaver, and its greatest message is coming from the North.

Who is going to win the war? The side of the light. It is in destiny. That is the choice.”

– Ramtha, Last Waltz Of The Tyrants – Becoming Prepared For Change, p 91.


Thank you, Michael! I look forward to celebrating many more North Star Newsletter anniversaries. You add a great deal to my understanding of current and future events with your excellent writing. – Kathleen


Worth every penny – if more students and their families were exposed to your meticulous research, they would be in eager anticipation for every one of your reports, as am I.” – Steve Klein, RSE student since February 1986.

The Ramtha Trump Prophecy

Click on the image below to watch a short version of Ramtha’s prophecy about President Trump and Hillary Clinton delivered December 8 2016. Then think about events that have happened since then – and are continuing to ratchet up as the Globalists fight for their very survival  … a losing fight but a deadly one nevertheless. 

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