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    The would-be assassin was Secret Service – as was the man who shot President Kennedy – and he was dressed as a Trump supporter at […]

  • Wolves-and-The-Trump-Trials

    Videos from WolvesandFinance and MSNBC about the Trump Trials. They provide a telling comparison between alternative and mainstream reporting; the first being topnotch, and the […]

  • Trump-Wanted-Jailed -Or-Not

    Trump may or may not be in jail although he expected it might happen. This Report includes non-msm Qposts and a SpaceForce GitmoFlight. Transcript By […]

  • Eclipse-Earthquakes-Or-Fearporn?

    What’s The Fake News Media Up To? For this one, I’m just the middleman. This is a series of clips from mainstream reports – plus […]

  • April-8-Eclipse-Questions-Need-Answers

    Solar Eclipse –What Are We Being Distracted From? 2000 Quakes A Day Off WA Coast? You may already be aware of the chatter that’s going […]