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    There are many possible April 8 eclipse scenarios. This March 25 2024 report looks at some of the best-case/worst-case possibilities associated with the April 8 […]

  • End-Times-Dead-Qr-Alive-More-Than-A-Movie

    Princess Diana, JFK Jr, President Kennedy – are they Dead or Alive? And what does former Trump associate Ezra Cohen-Watnick mean when he says we’re […]

  • Top News February 6 2024
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    Top News February 6 2024

    Britain King Charles III diagnosed with cancer, Buckingham Palace says. The type of cancer has not been revealed – it is not prostate cancer, but […]

  • The Renegade Obama
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    The Renegade Obama

    The post discusses a 30-minute video exploring the life and roles of Obama, dubbed ‘The Renegade Obama’. This expose is presented from his initial inauguration to his current puppet master persona, revealing surprising, sometimes unpalatable truths. Michael’s blog, Bitchute and Rumble channels offer more related content.

  • Why Arrest King Charles

    Why Arrest King Charles

    Why Arrest King Charles and shock the world? King Charles and the BBCs super-pedophile Jimmy Savile A picture may be worth a thousand words, but […]