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  • Cannibalism-There-Are-No-Words
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    A gripping 10 minute video with multiple images using no words to show and tell about Satanism. It includes images of Trump – Keep in […]

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    The would-be assassin was Secret Service – as was the man who shot President Kennedy – and he was dressed as a Trump supporter at […]

  • The-Collapse-Of-Everything-Soon

    For at least a year or more several reputable (but not mainstream) sources have been warning that everything is going south. Now, they’re talking about […]

  • End-Times-Videos-Memes-May5-2024

    For future historians, and current participants, this is a selection from many memes and videos seen this past week. It is certainly a very small […]

  • Trump-Wanted-Jailed -Or-Not

    Trump may or may not be in jail although he expected it might happen. This Report includes non-msm Qposts and a SpaceForce GitmoFlight. Transcript By […]