• Trump-Trial-52-Million-Plus-Memes

    Within 24 hours of being found guilty on 34 counts, the donaldjtrump.com site garnered $52million in donations. At the same time, supporters were blasting out […]

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    Balanced reporting requires at least an attempt at objectivity, and the inclusion where possible of different points of view – and so it is with […]

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    For the first time in over 20 years on the Internet, this Memorial Day 2024 video in honor of the fallen – and the warriors […]

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    First, a short no-commentary look at some Space Force (?) assets. Space planes perhaps? “I Come In Peace – To Maintain Peace.” Biden Goes Viral […]

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    Former Trump associate’s “Bombshell” post says prepare for the movie’s end – 9/14 days no Internet, cards won’t work, EBS activated, actors and traitors to […]