Princess Diana, JFK Jr, President Kennedy – are they Dead or Alive?

And what does former Trump associate Ezra Cohen-Watnick mean when he says we’re watching a global movie – a movie in which this is what it’s really all about.

It’s also about Trump as the wolf leading the pack, and the pack is you and me, doing what we can to hunt down or expose the enemy while doing our best to enlighten others.

The link to the video follows the next image.

Beyond that, are numerous freeze-frames that I snagged from the video in the hope that you might feel called to pass this on to others – but, as always, you are respected as a free-minded individual, so the choice is always yours.

That said, and because I am a really macho guy, I won’t tell you that this video gave me a lump in my throat. And butterflies of relief. Perhaps that’s because of childhood memories of having escaped the intentions of pedophile men, one being a bibleclass teacher. Nuff sed. Except to say I am dedicated to the elimination of the evil ones who do far worse to little children.

As for the following video, aside from it having been produced by true professionals with equipment and skills far beyond what I have, it includes the real Ezra Cohen Watnik – and an uplifting message throughout.

It’s about the past, present, and future. And those we have thought were dead, may very well be alive – while others (he says) who we think are alive, may be dead.

The video includes screen shots of what Ezra Cohen-Watnick has had to say on various social media posts. I took screen shots myself from this video. They are included below, along with a number of images from my years-long habit of filing pictures for use in association with specific subjects . These have fit very well to augment what Ezra has to say.

But I’d suggest watching this video first, and then take your time perusing what follows – which has a lot to do with the dead-or-alive theme as well.

The next Ezra text images were further on in the video

some additional images are added from my archives

From The Video

File Images

From The Video

Dead Or Alive?

File Images

If those images haven’t got you really pondering, or doing the kneejerk response, “They’re Photoshopped,” then you’re just like I used to be – and rightly so.

The one with Trump and the old trooper (JFK Sr) may indeed be photoshopped. But the similarities are uncanny.

Nevertheless, one can be a skeptic without having a closed mind – but if you do, and open it, the only things that fall out are one’s preconceptions and the brainwashing or beliefs that we accepted without question in the past.

In my experience as a reporter, or as a result of life experiences, there’s always more to the story – or the movie of life – which has certainly had me imagining what might be unsaid about the fact that Trump knew (and perhaps also knows) all these people.

File Images

And Here’s Why They Are Included

File Image

From The Video

The End?

No. Not QuiteYet….

File Images/Memes/

Wikileaks leaked Clinton email

She has been executed.

In closing – According to a variety of sources, this “movie” will come to a climax when these evil people and the Deep State are brought to justice at a time when they will be tried in public, on television for all to see. And this is – they say – destined to be a worldwide happening.

But this will not happen until we have endured the last battles between the Good and the Evil.

The Evil have had access to technology way beyond anything we might imagine – including special weapons that can destroy buildings, such as the twin towers on 911, or start fires and destroy cities such as Lahaina in Hawaii, or the fires in Texas.

Beyond that, they can create earthquakes of great magnitude. And, as of this writing, it is said that the West Coast of the USA will soon see an earthquake up to the Magnitude 9 scale – which would/will be horrific. (Military preparing says this report – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01TTMxmt3vY).

None of this seems believable to the average person – but not believing does not mean it is not true. Therefore, it would be wise to consider all possible scenarios, and take care to be prepared – especially on coastlines which are susceptible to earthquakes and tsunamis – or in cities where rampant hooliganism is already the norm, and will only get worse in a disaster scenario.

It’s not my place to say what you must do – but it is my understanding that when we (including me) get new information, we should evaluate it, make our own choices, and then live (or not) with the consequences.

Lastly – please consider passing on the URL to this report.

Best wishes.

Be well – Pepared.

Michael Knight.


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