Blue Beam Invasion May Be Soon

July 15 has been mentioned by several sources as a date around which several “major events” – such as a faked alien invasion using Project Blue Beam holograms – may be staged.

In this video, President Trump notes that 150,000 children are unaccounted for after millions of illegal aliens have stormed the US border – and that’s without the aid of Project Blue Beam.

Tucker Carlson comments on the (human) alien invasion, and a massive secret camp for illegals is exposed in Texas.

That said, this short but comprehensive 15-minute report is an overview of current events – and the possibility of some earth-shattering happenings in the near future.

It closes with a very short summary of the intentions behind such a faked alien invasion. Watch right to the end.

IF…IF…IF there’s going to be a Blue Beam false flag this month (July 2024 – or sometime soon) you might consider doing a copy and paste of this link and forward that to others – your choice of course.

I can think of only one common cause that should unite both Democrats and Republicans – the decent ones at least – and that is the subject of child trafficking.

It is only those, in both parties, who hate Trump, that are in essence condoning this evil trade – and some of them are no doubt actively involved.

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  1. Shirley E Schutt Avatar
    Shirley E Schutt

    Another excellent Newsletter Michael….
    Keep it up!

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