Videos from WolvesandFinance and MSNBC about the Trump Trials.

They provide a telling comparison between alternative and mainstream reporting; the first being topnotch, and the second a case study of the legacy media’s approach to the Trump Trials.

Everything about this Trump trial spelled out in great detail.

I chose these two videos today because they offer a clear contrast between factual reporting, and the sort of brainwashing propaganda that has bedeviled the mainstream media for decades.

My career in honest old school journalism required that we adhere to the concept of balance. In other words, there’s always more to the story, and you’d best let your viewers/readers make up their own minds by presenting more than one point of view.

In this case, the first video analyses one of the Trump trials as a whole, in the form of good prior research and a frontman talking to camera, interspersed with images to supplement the script. The detail, right down to images of checks and even an NDA agreement, speaks of excellence in research and reporting.

I’d recommend that you watch it now, before moving on to my take about the next one.

Before You Continue….

In the next video, “MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell reacts to the breaking news that Donald Trump posted on his social media site a claim made by a Fox host about the jury pool in Trump’s New York criminal cause.”

You’ll notice, I hope, that this presenter is a very experienced voice actor. He acts as if he is totally sincere, and just speaking his own mind to bring you the truth. In fact, he is reading from a teleprompter, and at times he falters a little as the words either get ahead of him, or come up a little slowly. I know that, because in my own career I did both – except that in my case, I wrote my own scripts.

This actorman presentation is a perfect example of polished brainwashing propaganda. One sees absolutely no mention of the possible bias of the judge in this case – only nonstop pontification about Trump using a post on Truth Social. So, according to MSNBC, this should see Trump put in jail…..

This one is claimed to have had over 500,000 viewers in the last 10 days with 3000 comments to follow.

Personally, I suspect YouTube inflates the viewer numbers, and allows Bots to insert many negative comments.

But those are just my observations.

“Hullo. I am a Fake News Presenter Clone. In tonight’s fake news I will use my right of Free Speech to show you why Trump should go to jail because he has no right to Free Speech.

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