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Why Arrest King Charles

Why Arrest King Charles and shock the world?

King Charles and the BBCs super-pedophile Jimmy Savile

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but as I have learned in over 60 years as an honest reporter,

“there is always more to the story.”

Q did post, years ago, to the effect that “the first arrest will shock the world.”

Maybe that referred to Trump’s recent indictment, maybe not.

Could it perhaps have foreseen Charles being arrested?

He gets coronated (actually it’s called a coronation) Sat May 6.

It’s porobably just a coincidence that the word coronation includes corona .… in which he gets to wear a crown.

Is Diana still alive?

I don’t know, but there’s certainly something suspicious about the different number plates on those cars.

In the first one, she’s entering a vehicle on that night when her chauffeur somehow crashed into a wall in a tunnel. But it’s a different car, for certain.

Did she survive? Was this set up so she could escape from the rotten-to-the-core royal family?

I think I’ll finish on a lighter note, since President Trump has just been to Scotland to check out one of his golf courses, and for what other reasons, who knows?

That’s a CNN report, but I don’t see anything in it about reincarnation…

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