The would-be assassin was Secret Service – as was the man who shot President Kennedy – and he was dressed as a Trump supporter at the president’s New Jersey rally – according to this report.

An estimated 80,000 (some say 100,000) people came out to hear the President “once again railing against the criminal Biden regime and its weaponization of the corrupt Department of Justice.”

The article on RealRawNews goes on to say “at least one fan wearing a MAGA baseball cap and shirt and holding high American and Trump 2024 flags was not who he appeared to be. He was, our source said, an incognito Secret Service agent who wished to ‘give Trump a heart attack.’ “

If you have not heard of RealRawNews before, and the author, Michael Baxter, you have probably not heard that some time ago 35 selected journalists were invited to Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) where numerous Deep State individuals have faced military tribunals.

I cannot verify that Baxter was one of them, but having read many of Baxter’s articles, it seems he does have contacts there, and although his website says his articles are satire, his reports are extremely detailed. They may seem fanciful to some, and this one might fall into that category considering one man was identified and arrested within that huge crowd, so as I have suggested previously, it’s up to you to make your own assessment.

Delta forces were able to find and arrest the individual , and told Baxter “We positively identified the suspect as a current Secret Service employee. He isn’t talking. We don’t know how he got past security with the weapon or who he talked to on the radio. But those answers will come. What’s important is that Trump is safe and has delivered what goes down in history as one of his most important addresses ever.”

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The Hannibal Cannibal Connection

During his New Jersey speech President Trump made several deliberate and pointed references to “Hannibal the Cannibal,” and, naturally, the mainstream media had a field day with that.

I am no great shakes at decoding what the president says, but there are many others who take note of these oddities – strange statements that appear to be off the cuff – and suggest he is really sending a message about some significant event or issue.

He certainly used the number 17 too many times to count in the early days of the Q posts, and it transpired that 17 is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Therefore, he was said to be “coding” that he was well aware of those posts, and of Q, whoever that might have been.

“Qanons” also came to understand that Q+, rather than the single letter Q, was a reference to President Trump himelf.

With that background, this is really a roundabout way of wondering if he spoke about Hannibal the Cannibal (Hannibal Lecter was portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in the 1991 movie Silence of the Lambs) ) because sometime soon, perhaps, that subject is really going to hit the Internet with a ripple effect that will shock the whole world.

This was the trailer for that movie.

Jodi Foster and Anthony Hopkins star in a movie – that just might be “art” telling us about the real life of the “stars.”


On this subject, a longtime subscribers emailed the link to this video, saying, “WOW. We both knew about this. It’s finally coming out. The 1st 2 minutes had me. By 5 minutes in, I was droppin my jaw. I had to pause it a # of times to read the headlines they were flashing.”

He’s right. It does pay to pause the video to read the headlines in full. And after watching it, my reply was:- “Yes, we knew all about it already and I have used many of those images…but still, he came up with more frazzledrip images and I damn near choked…vomited…wanted those bustids in my gunnasites…. The only consolation at the moment is knowing (from RRN and others) that H/R/C, Klouse and others (Byd-en) have already been dealt with.

Yes, it is all coming out, as you’ll see in this video, and that just may be why President Trump used those references to Hannibal The Cannibal.

The People’s Voice, embedded from Rumble.

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