For the first time in over 20 years on the Internet, this Memorial Day 2024 video in honor of the fallen – and the warriors of today – has moved me to say, for the first time, “Highly Recommended/Must Watch.”

But first, I will introduce it with a series of associated images, and a few personal comments.

It is from the “AndWeKnow” channel on Rumble – which I have embedded for ease of watching after these images. The content, and commentary, as you will see, are both even-handed, and outstanding.

Semper fidelis, often foreshortened to Semper Fi, is a Latin phrase that means “always faithful” or “always loyal.”  It is the motto of the United States Marine Corps.

As the son of a WW2 vet (New Zealand Air Force/Guadalcanal), I missed the draft and active duty in Vietnam. Nevertheless I volunteered in 1963 to go there as a war correspondent – an assignment which was cancelled at the last minute.

My admiration and compassion for the fallen – and the surviving veterans of that Deep State-instigated war- brought me to America as a legal immigrant and to the Memorial Wall in Washington DC in 1990.

To me, what SSG Tim Chambers has to say in this Memorial Day video is so emblematic of the loyalty to the Constitition of the United States it is, in my view, the definition of a true patriot – be he, or she, in the military, or a civilian in “the land of the free, because of the brave. ” (And I’m thinking of my Vietnam vet friend “Sarge” when I say that).

You might choose to skip the commercials by pausing and using the scroll bar. But then again, you might want to take the advertised trip on this cruise ship to Alaska in August.

The clips and commentary about President Trump, especially what he himself has to say to the Libertarians, are outstanding.

In fact, although I have made hundreds of television news reports and independent videos over the years, this video is so well done in every respect, it truly deserves the “Highly Recommended/Must Watch” endorsement!

There are a couple of Dan Scavino/Q posts included. They seem to hint at events that just might be on the very near horizon – although that’s a “wait and see” observation.

The failure of the World Health Organisation’s Deep State plan to control the world – thereby destroying the sovereignty of every nation on the planet – is certainly most welcome news indeed.

That said however, we can expect the WHO – hugely funded by Bill Gates – to continue its Bird Flu pandemic fearmongering, claiming once again that it already has “vaccines” in place – to which your answer should be a resounding “NO EFFING WAY” (without the effing unless you’re really passionate in your opposition to these lizard spawn – and refuse to be jabbed with the next bioweapon).

The film industry, worldwide, is populated top to bottom with men and women who have sold their souls to the devil – or to Harvey Weinstein – but not all of them.

Actress Massiel Taveras really upset the Satanists at the Cannes film festival. And the associated clips showing how many American actors and actresses owe their careers to Predator Weinstein tells us much about how we have been deceived. Some of my greatest screen heroes and heroins now qualify for my ongoing mental dumpster fire – which is where they belong.

This image is about or represents the point that we are soldiers. In this case, I believe it means something like “soldiers of Christ” fighting evil.

The presenter, in his even-handed voice-over throughout, says this short segement includes visuals you might prefer not to see – although you may choose to just listen to the audio to get what it’s about.

It’s about this. We are soldiers – all of us – fighting the evil among us.

The prayer at the end is heartfelt, powerful, and sincere.

But here, before posting the link to this extraordinary video, and its very well-said prayer, I was prompted to add a personal note. After all, this is my blog, and maybe I’m on the last lap of this human race. So why not do something for posterity? Or for the grandchildren and great grandchildren I’ll probably never meet?

As beautful as that closing prayer is, mention of the power of God to send us to hell was a bit jarring – to me.

But that should not be reason to discount the depth of reverence, and gratitude, that I believe we should all have for what God … however you perceive God…or the Life Force..or Universal Consciousness… to be.

The narrator refers to “Yeshua” – not “Jesus” at one point. In that respect, we’re on the same page. “Yeshua,” was Jesus’ given name of the time – “Yeshua bin Josef – Yeshua, son of Joseph.”

Again, this is personal. You have your own undertstandings and experience. I honor that.

Mine was to be a little Christian as a boy, before transitioning to atheism, until I realized that the “God” I was refusing to acknowledge was the God of Religion – the one my Baptist upbringing had told me I must fear, else I would be consigned to the fires of Hell for eternity. I had sincerely given my life to Jesus – to be “saved” – and then I was told the Devil would be after me until I died.

What sort of “loving God” was that? I asked myself – and went my own way.

But, professed atheist as I was for many years, I nevertheless concluded that Yeshua’s disciples – and those who eventually created the Bible – had turned Yeshua’s teachings into a business.

No doubt the disciples’ intent was of the best for their times – but it was humans who created “the church” (many of them), and priests and Romans such as Constantine at the Council of Nicea 300 years after the disciples (and Paul) were long gone, who created the Bible as we know it today.

It may be the world’s best seller, but on the Internet I have found scores of differing translations and interpretations of what Jesus “meant.”

Religion, in my assessment, was all about what “God” expects in the way of fear, penance, and worship, not to mention the threat of purgatory (which made millions for the Catholic church from people who paid money to get to heaven!).

Eventually, partly because of a Near Death Experience, I transitioned to the deep understanding that there is indeed a nameless Universal Consciousness – NOT a “God” in some imaginary human form as suggested within the dogma of the church, but the invisible energy, mind and Universal Consciousness that is the Life Force and intelligence in all things.

This revelation occurred while I was camping alone in the New Zealand high country, bedded down beneath a starry sky, when a great craft stopped overhead – paused a while – and reversed to go its own way – leaving me with a very different question, which was put so well in later years. What is NOT God?

Only an omnipotent but nameless Consciousness could be everywhere at once – outside the constrictions of time, distance, and space.

Nevertheless, this force or “First Cause” is known as “God” by millions, though with different names among the world’s many religions and cultures.

As time went by, I began to think again about Yeshua, his ministry, and the few shards of information we have about what he said and did.

These days, my preference is to do what Yeshua himself did. Yeshua did not have a church, and certainly had no bible at the time.

He had absolutely nothing by way of religion or the written word to determine or tell him he must have an intermediary to explain how to approach the Almighty – that Universal Consciousness that loves all people, all races, all cultures…yet allows every individual, from the time of Adam and Eve, the freedom to make their own choices…to gain wisdom from the experience and consequences of those choices…for what you sow, so shall you reap.

Thoughts, emotions, attitudes, all combine to create every unique individual’s future life and experience. That’s what free will and choice is all about – and “God” – (however perceived) is what gave us (starting let’s say with Adam and Eve) that gift.

And then came the United States of America….

It is my considered opinion that Jesus meant what he said:- “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” “Tis not I but the Father within me that does these things.”

What things? Healing the sick? Feeding many with one basket of loaves and fishes?

How would “the Father” know how to do that?

I would venture to say that “the Father” was responding to Yeshua’s prayers – but what is prayer if it is not a series of thoughts related to a desired outcome?

In other words, Yeshua prayed (which is focused thought) knowing beyond a doubt that his very thoughts would – when observed and acted upon by the highest level of Consciousness (that we call God) – manifest in his future.

In his case, it was immediate.

In my case (experience) it can happen sooner than expected – or some time after I have forgotten the prayer!

On occasions, when I have been facing instant death, it has been faster than you could blink an eye. But those are personal stories, perhaps for another time.

Suffice to say I have parted ways when it comes to preachers, religion, fear of ‘God’ or the afterlife.

I have parted ways with the dogma and rules that they say will get me past the pearly gates – after which God might decide to consign me to the gates of hell anyway.

I now pray directly to the “god within” which is precisely what Yeshua did – without a religion or Bible.

I pray and meditate (call it whatever you wish), raising my mind and consciousness – knowing that if I do so while accepting that “it already is” whatever I contemplate will indeed appear, as if by magic, at some point in my future.

And, believe it or not, our very thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and personality traits (which, like most, I used to believe was the “real me”) do the same. Be angry, and you’ll find yourself associating with angry people – because like attracts like. Be an angry husband, and you’ll find you have an angry wife – and vice versa. (Been there, done that).

I have learned (or been taught) that people are there as a mirror of us from which to learn, if we so choose.

I have learned (thanks to Ramtha, but above all my own experience) that a conscious change in one’s personal attitudes and habits of thinking will result in a changed future.

It can and will change for the better – unless our thoughts are constantly running the old movie of our past, creating more of the same. Though people and places might change, I can say from experience that being a hamster on a wheel is not evolution of any sort. It is stagnation.

The purpose of life has nothing to do with being a hamster, or rerunning the old movie.

Among other things, the purpose of life is to gain wisdom from experience – be it good or bad. Adversity is part of life – and growth – and it’s our choice as to whether we make a personal decision to change. Only then do the people who mirror our not-so-good attitudes leave our lives, to be replaced by additional mirrors from which there is more to learn – to enjoy – or dislike – to gain wisdom from, and to change, if we so choose.

Now, coming back to this wonderful video, I must say the prayer at the end is heartfelt, powerful, and sincere.

However, mention of the power of God to send us to hell was a bit jarring – to me.

But that should not be reason to discount the depth of reverence, and gratitude, that I believe we should all have for the God, however you perceive God, that preserves and loves, without judgement, all creatures great and small.

But I must say that I’m of the persuasion that those who hate God, such as Satan and adherents to the Church of Satan, pedophiles, child molesters and traffickers, adrenochrome junkies, power-mad perverts, the genocidal maniacs whose goal is to destroy the world population and replace us with transhuman slaves, deserve nothing but summary judgement and to have their souls (if ever they had one) flushed down the nearest black hole – never to return.

And that’s me, signing off on this subject, before you decide to shoot the messenger in the comments section – which I may very well not respond to.

The original is on Rumble at this link – in case you’d like to subscribe to his channel, or comment there.

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Naturally, Deep State Amazon banned his books – YouTube banned his videos despite a million views and 20,000 followers. But the fight goes on.

He created his website, blog and video channels as a one-man operation to continue exposing the Deep State through hundreds of videos and articles – not for his own benefit, but to help people who (like he once was) are looking for truthful and factual information about current events – and the “silent” war that seems to be tearing the world apart.

Fortunately, the news has an up side – the future will be much better – because people like you – and millions of others worldwide – are going through the shocks of self discovery – doing their own research and finding uncomfortable and sometimes shocking facts that need to be brought to light in order to put an end to the evil among us.

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