There are many possible April 8 eclipse scenarios.

This March 25 2024 report looks at some of the best-case/worst-case possibilities associated with the April 8 eclipse.

But first, in case you’re new to the subject of eclipses, which I am myself, it’s essential to understand what they are, and why this one in particular has drawn so much attention, especially here in the United States.

Wikipedia tells us:- “An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object or spacecraft is temporarily obscured, by passing into the shadow of another body or by having another body pass between it and the viewer.” (I have no idea why the word  “spacecraft” is included there).

NASA says:- ” A solar eclipse happens when the Moon gets in the way of the Sun’s light and casts its shadow on Earth. That means during the day, the Moon moves over the Sun and it gets dark.”

It is a Total Solar Eclipse, like the one pictured above, that is scheduled to be seen over the United States during the April 8 eclipse.

This NASA image shows the path of the coming April 8 eclipse.

The fact that a number of towns named Nineveh are highlighted is because there are people who are expecting or imagining that because the name Nineveh is mentioned in the Bible’s book of Jonah, something related to God is going to accompany the April 8 eclipse. I have heard at least one individual doing a podcast in which he has called on people to “repent.”

NASA also says ” The Moon’s shadow on Earth isn’t very big, so only a small portion of places on Earth will see it. You have to be on the sunny side of the planet when it happens. You also have to be in the path of the Moon’s shadow. On average, the same spot on Earth only gets to see a solar eclipse for a few minutes about every 375 years!” (italics added).

I’m sure you’ve heard that the acronym NASA can be said as “Never A Straight Answer,” and that’s true of far too many agencies and websiutes these days. They’re controlled by the Deep State, and many in the Deep State are involved in the Church of Satan. However, I’m not going there (just yet).

Right now, because it’s a totally new subject to me, I am very curious about the April 8 eclipse, and eclipses in general. When I get curious, I hunt for more information. I do so because when I have new knowledge, it gives me more options when it comes to making choices, and eventually making decisions. One decision removes all other options.

This next image gave me a better understanding of what a total solar eclipse is, and what it looks like, depending where you are located as an observer. It’s worth a few minutes’ study in order to solidify a mental visual of what the various “umbras” are.

It was in researching my previous blog article about the April 8 solar eclipse that I became really curious, because some states were already declaring a state of emergency, and at least one other has decided to deploy National Guard troops for some reason.

A reader then let me know that a solar eclipse in 1811 was followed by the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811/1812. I leapt to the conclusion that this could manifest soemthing similar.

But today I wanted to know what sort of eclipse that was, because I had assumed, incorectly as it turned out, that 1811 was a total eclipse that followed the same path is the coming April 8 eclipse is going to cover.

So let’s dig a little deeper – and we discover that the United States is slated to have total eclipses within decades of each other, rather than the 375 years apart that NASA has told us.

In regards to the April 8 eclipse, this site tells us:- “A dramatic total eclipse will plunge the Sun into darkness for 4 minutes and 28 seconds at maximum, creating an amazing spectacle for observers in a broad path up to 198 km wide. It will be seen across north-west Mexico, the U.S. from Texas to Maine, and maritime Canada. The partial eclipse will be visible over almost all of North America.”

Got that?

I’m sure some of you have. Others maybe not. So here’s the thing (as the clown clone in the White House likes to say…”here’s the thing.”

Most of North America – the United States thereof – is going to be in shades of darkness.

Why is that significant information?

It is, to me, because there has been a heck of a lot of chatter on social media, especially among patriots like me and those who have done their due diligence about the Q posts, on the subject of “10 days of darkness.”

Here’s an example.

And of course you’ll notice that it comes from December 2017, and you should no doubt be asking, “What the hell! How is that relevant in 2024!!?”

We’ll get to that, but briefly, and without another long dissertation.

It’s because of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and a war between Good and Evil….which has been going on for such a long time that there’s no time to get into that aspect of it right now. Suffice to say that among the millions around the world who have gravitated to what’s known as The Great Awakening, many have heard and questioned this point – a point or statement, or even a warning, about a future time in which there would be 10 days of darkness.

Here we have a question that resonates with millions. The 10 days, darkness, when?”

And the reply, “Shutdown.”

I can’t say I have personally been at the forefront in this “Great Awakening” of the millions. I can say however that I carefully watched much of the discussion on the subject, and figured out that this planet would at some point undergo a 10-day blackout (or so I thought) which would mean the deactivation of all modern electronics, cell phones, computers and so forth – all essential as part of defeating those who have used such things to monitor, surveille, control and in many cases “mind control” (even in a subtle way we would be quite unaware of) in order to achieve their goal of herding us all into a future under their total control.

BUT…the 10 days of darkness could, I imagined, be some sort of divine intervention that would create a blackout – a pitch black blanket over all the Earth – while the divine ones would be taking care of the God haters, such as Satan and his committed disciples, celebrities and ultra-rich, and politicians into power, who kill kids, drink their blood, and consume their flesh.

The good news is that this vampire has been executed; gone from this world forever. I know she has been replaced by a clone or a double, and the awakening continues as she and other clones and doubles continue a facsimile of the charade that they were engaged in.

Why? you might ask. Because while she was a major perpetrator of crimes of the most heinous variety and is now gone, her artificial presence poses no further threat to innocent children, while this information and truth about her past continues to trickle through the world Internet, thereby awakening more people who in turn are becoming aware that truly major changes for our entire civilization are upon us.

As I see it today, and this is just a personal opinion which may or may not be right, the April 8 eclipse may well be the event that triggers that answer by Q who seemed to say that 10 days of darkness signalled – “shutdown.”

And that’s enough for today.

I have things to do by way of preparing for whatever’s ahead. Nevertheless, I’ll continue this subject in a followup post as soon as I can because I for one see the April 8 eclipse as a major marker in that change.

Be well – prepared.


Michael Knight.

PS – I mjust might get started early anyway, because…

I have written many articles and created innumerable videos on the subject of child trafficking – and the rerscue operations that have been underway to destroy these people and their dark underground lairs.

But now, with this April 8 eclipse so close, there’s something new I’ve been considering.

I’ve been asking myself, “what is darkness? Is it a complete blackout of all electronics and even the power grid caused by some sort of Electromagnetic Pulse? Is it a time of a complete and absolute black as black phenomenon that will require me to use just candles to see by, and maybe an open fire in the back yard to cook on?”

Well, this April 8 eclipse study has brought to mind a modified version of those imaginings.

It starts with the question, “What is darkness, and what is a blackout, and what does “shutdown” mean?

What if “darkness” is no more than shades of grey – as we see when dusk approaches, and slowly the sun sets, and a blanket of night creeps across the landscape.

I started imagining this April 8 eclipse as something that will show a real darkness to those who are within a certain radius on the East Coast USA, whle out here on the West Coast, there will be no more than a greyness – which in itself is a form of darkness.

How then, next question, could this last for 10 days – and what is meant by shutdown?

I will expand on those after I have had a “cannot sleep.”

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