Solar Eclipse What Are We Being Distracted From?

2000 Quakes A Day Off WA Coast?

You may already be aware of the chatter that’s going on in advance of the total solar eclipse come April 8, so some of this may not be new information.

Yet some of it might be new to you, as it has been to me – which is why it has raised a lot of questions in my mind.

First up, I have known about eclipses most of my life. They have come and gone as if it was nothing but a naturally occurring occasional event.

But for some reason, this one has got both the legacy media, and some on the alternative, telling us to stock up on food and water and have at least two weeks’ worth.

To me, that doesn’t make sense.

An eclipse, as I understand it, only lasts a few minutes. In this case, it could vary between a few seconds and as much as four minutes depending where you’re viewing from.

So where’s the sense in having two weeks’ supply of essentials? Or even just a few days?

Why did “GhostEzra” on Telegram suggest being prepared for Internet outages?

Just a few hours ago, MSN ran an article about the concerns that many states in the path of the eclipse are voicing ahead of time.

Parts of Texas have already declared a state of emergency.

Others are concerned that they’ll be overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of visitors to watch this solar veclipse. They fear that local businesses will run out of provisions, or gasoline.

I do not need to be forgiven for wondering why there is such a Big Brother “Mummy-knows-best” kneejerk response by the states involved.

For some reason, they’re worried about cell phones shutting down. How could that be?

They’re concerned about the power going out – yet we’ve never heard of that happening anywhere in the world during previous such events.

So what’s up?

Some schools have decided to close for the day – rescinding a prior decision to give children special viewing glass.

Why is at least one city planning to have a few of their National Guardsmen on duty – especially those familiar with biological and nuclear weapons? Plus, hundreds of troopers as well.

“Along the way, periods of darkness could last a mere few seconds or, in some cities, could surpass four minutes.” (Source).

It’s a tangential question, but how did eight or nine cities in America get named Nineveh? The answer might be that America was once part of the Tartarian empire, and Arabic (or was it Sumerian) was the language of the time – but that’s another subject, well worth additional research.

Today, you’d probably need to be a Bible scholar, or at least a Christian who believes that the ancient Nineveh was at one time totally decadent – which led to Jonah going there to preach.

An artist’s impression, above, of what the 6000BC city of Nineveh on the banks of the Tigris looked like.

And what it looks like now – thanks to America’s invasion of Iraq, and the battle over the city of Mosul – itself built on the site where Nineveh once stood.

More Questions

Have you ever noticed that the mainstream media has a way of going into lockstep to promote a particular subject, also known as a narrative, in order to keep us distracted from more important matters?

I certainly have – and you too, probably.

I have a couple of ideas about what this distraction might be about – and that’s all they are, just random thoughts about possibilities related to this solar eclipse.

For one thing, there are concerns being expressed in the alt-media about the military engaged in exercises focused on the aftermath of a major nearthquake, up to Mag9, off the US WEst Coast. (Video Here).

The only possible link between the eclipse and that earthquake scenario, is the instructions from the various states and mayors to “stock up.” But stocking up is a very wise thing to be doing these days anway.

As for the eclipse, there have been other tips as well, including on social media.

I’ve checked in on “GhostEzra” a few times on Telegram. His posts are cryptic, which is good reason to pause and ask “Where does he get his information? How valid? what does that mean? What are the ramifications here? What are my choices? ” – and I’ll leave that up to you, although it’s interesting that that post was from February 28 – at least six weeks ahead of the coming eclipse event.

Closing (Not Quite…)

2000 Quakes A Day Off WA Coast

This was the last-second entry – literally – as I prepared to send out my newsletter on March 18.

During the 60-second countdown for sending the original, I quickly checked my email, found a link to the following headline, read it, scooted back and cancelled the send 12 seconds before zero. None of your movie scripts could have done it better.

Here’s the headline. As It Is.

A “Great Swarm” Of Earthquakes Off The Washington Coast Is Raising Concerns That The Cascadia Subduction Zone Could Blow

The article was written by a guy named Michael (no relation), on March 14. It also appeared in the UK Daily Mail Online.

“An area off the coast of Washington state is being shaken by hundreds and hundreds of earthquakes….”

Read More

At one point there were 200 quakes in a single hour.

There’s a volcano under there. According to the scientists who were spoken to about this actrivity, if it blows, that is not of great concern since it’s about 160 miles offshore, and deep.

But we’re talking about quakes that could trigger the Cascadian subduction zone into life once again.

A past mega-quake once sent a tsunami as far as Japan. It certainly decimated the Washington coast, even burying a huge area of forest and tall trees.

Having sailed with a friuend on Puget Sound I can certainly imagine the next Megaquake doing some serious damage from Seattle to Olympia, and perhaps even the island on which I’m told Governor Inslee has a residence. So sad.

As always, scientists are saying there’s nothing to worry about, although things could go off in a matter of weeks, or years. They always say that. And it’s so predictable, because they have no way to predict the inevitable. Nor do I. But I can read, wonder, and make what I consider to be appropriate choices – like, stay the hell away from the coast and the cities and the I5 highway.

Seriously, it just seems odd that this report coincides with the military exercises mentioned in the above video. And, beyond that, I have read elsewhere that the “Black Hats” have the technology to use earthquakes to impact much of the US West Coast.


Interestingly, I had also wondered whether the moon, which affects the world’s tides, could also trigger earthquakes. As you’ll see in the video below, that thought has also occurred to others.

When I sent this report out to my newsletter, a subscriber emailed to say there had been a similar eclipse over America in 1811.

That, I discovered, was followed by massive earthquakes involving the New Madrid Fault.

Thanks to that feedback, I did some more research, and these options came up on my searc h engine.

The Library of Congress has an article about Thomas Jefferson carefully plotting the movement of the moon during the Constitution Day eclipse of September 17, 1811.


And this video on YouTube opens with these words:- “The New Madrid earthquakes occurred from December 1811 to February 1812…”

That tells us there was a space of three months between Jefferson’s observations, and the rupture of the New Madrid fault line.

And these are links to other articles about those events.
https://www.britannica.com › event › New-Madrid-earthquakes-of-1811-1812

New Madrid earthquakes of 1811–12 – Encyclopedia Britannica

River water disturbed by uplift and subsidence also washed out forested areas upstream. New Madrid earthquakes of 1811–12, series of three large earthquakes that occurred near New Madrid, Missouri, between December 1811 and February 1812. There were thousands of aftershocks, of which 1,874 were large enough to be felt in Louisville, Kentucky …

https://sciencenotes.org › can-a-solar-eclipse-trigger-an-earthquake

Can a Solar Eclipse Trigger an Earthquake? – Science Notes and Projects

Any full or new moon is associated with slightly increased seismic activity, so in that respect a total solar eclipse could trigger an earthquake. The gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon produces the tides, so it makes sense gravity could affect plate tectonics and potentially…..

Take heed. They’re all worth checking out if you want to be much better informed about the correlation between eclipses, the moon, tides and earthquakes.

A Little Mia Culpa:-

And by the way, after doing additional research, I have to clarify saying this coming eclipse will only last for three or four minutes. That is correct – but only up to a point, which is what is called “totality.”

That means the few minutes during which the sun is almost totally blocked out from a spectator’s point of view in that direct line between the viewer, the moon, and the obscured sun. The coming and going of the moon as it appears to pass by the sun will take several hours.

Yet, to be honest, I still can’t see why anyone would declare a state of emergency ahead of time.

I do have my suspicions though – or, let’s just call it an hypothessis, or a theory.

While viewers may see the totality for just a few minutes, going a step further I see that shadow which is cast onto Earth being akin to the point of a pencil.

In this case, it’s scribing a broad line that encompasses at least some of the New Madrid fault, which it did in September 1811. Thus, we can imagine it leaving a trail of seismic or tectonic plate disturbance in its wake. To mix metaphors, it has plucked the string that is the energy interaction along fauilt lines – and those faults are now vibrating at a different frequency.

So, according to my layman’s theory, that’s what it did in 1811. It took three months for the change in frequency to have its full and devastating effects.

Now think of where tectonic plates bump and grind together. It’s a rough dance to be sure, but if the position or phase of the moon can affect tides on Earth, is it not logical to at least theorise about the moon also affecting the movement of fault lines?

Last thought on this subject – I haven’t got a clue if or when the New Madrid fault will do its thing, and likewise for the Cascadian Subduction zone off Washington state where we live on the other side of America. So…..

In closing, finally, I’ll admit that I like this guy. You probably will too. He’s a straight shooter, especially in talking about the coming eclipse.

Take heed.
Best wishes.
Be well – Prepared.
Michael Knight.

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