While the possibility of nuclear war looms large, there is a far better future ahead.

As this discussion reveals, despite the current concern and hype about nuclear war, humanity is “one day closer to redemption.”

That’s a picture taken during a secret test using nuclear shells in a convential war.

But the unreported (by the mainstream media) war being fought over the past many years between the factions of Good and Evil throughout our world, is far from conventional.

Those of us who have been diligent in our wide-ranging research are aware that the apparent threat of nuclear war is just that, a threat.

Meanwhile, and for many years, without public knowledge, the military of many countries have been working together to destroy underground tunnels, also known as DUMBS, including cities, that are both vast, and worldwide.

The primary objective is to save thousands of children.

You’ll find that LA and its subterranean network of tunnels gets a serious mention in this wideranging discussion. As does Denver airport.

Built at a cost of billions, the terminal is festooned with murals that just might curdle your blood.

Who has been trained to fight this enemy in order to save children (those who may still be alive) from these monsters, both human and not?

Can you imagine what the phrase “military is the only way” implies, beyond hoping they will step in and oust a certain faux president?

The phrase, and this may come as a surprise to many, also refers to the military men and women on special assignments, forbidden to tell their closest friends and family the truth of their secret missions.

For such missions, it is so true to say that “the military is the only way.”

And what might their families be told if these heroes are killed in action?

They are the unsung heroes of the military.

(NCSWIC means “Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming,” as used by “Q” on many posts over many years).

And, as shocking as it obviously is, the below image depicts, in but a small way, what and who the children are being rescued from.

Notes From The Video Discussion

“M”= Martin Brodell (left).

“S”= “Sarge Sovereign” who prefers anonymity, but is understood to have military sources.

S: “We are one day closer to the great redemption of humanity.”

M: “This thing is basically over with.”

S: “Real Raw News is the only brave outlet reporting this crap…others refuse to broadcast it.

(MK Note – that prompted me to check RRN, where I retrieved the latest image and article headline. Author Baxter has been writing about arrests, trials, and executions via Guntanamo military tribunals for at least two years. Again -military has been the only way.

S: “Good guys in military are systematically taking back (ourplanet).”

M: “They (Cabal) will make stuff upon you. They will destroy. To say “the military is the only way”…it was the only way. Those who have stood up in the past have been murdered.” (JFK for example-MK).

S: “They are heroes. What they called conspiracy theories were actually true. The 1% has 10 million under their numbrella. 1% were the uber ritch, the corporate leaders, the govt leaders. Leaders in law, science, media…. all part of the army of the 1%.

“How do you take out an empire that has existed for thousands of years that 99% of the world doesn’t know exists?

“The answer is,slowly, and systematically, using their strengths and weaknesses against them.”

M: “Add one more to that …’covertly.’ It had to be done covertly. Now they’re collapsing the tunnels and the DUMBS.”

(MK – DUMBS means Deep Underground Military Bases – an umbrella term for a vast network of tunnels, cities, laboratories and even baby farms that are global in scope).

M: “They cannot bring down all the tunnels with explosives. They’re too big. If they did that to the ones under ….. LA, you would see LA sink. It would disappear, Denver would disappear. So they have to be flooded.”

S: “That’s happening in Florida right now. That was a massive DUMB down there.

“When was the last war against non-terrestrial Satanic beings?

“There has never been one.

“Where are the manuals on how to fight non-human beings who are working with human beings to kill 90% of our species?

“They don’texist.

“All of the American leaders for the past 30 years were selected to destroy our country from within.”

MK Note: Sarge mentions the fact that had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election, she would have certainly pushed the button to create a nuclear war.

Clinton was replaced with either a double, a clone, or both. \

Nuclear War – What, Me Worry?

On the lighter side, somewhat, I was about to write an article about talk of nuclear war being nothing but a series of threats by the Deep State.

It would be a scare tactic – as it is today – but it would serve to awaken many more people to the fact that the Satanists want to kill us all.

Sarge surprised me in this discussion when he said, thanks to the intervention of friendly ETs, there are no nuclear weapons any more!

If that’s true, then the Mad Magazine cover I messed with to make a point about nuclear war remains a good metaphor for current events on that front.

They may run, but they can’t hide.

Their efforts are again sputtering out, their plans to destroy the world will see them destroyed instead.

Unlike the couple of skeletons on the bench, which would be the Cabal’s preference, those of us left behind will be alive and well, and once again chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” which started with thousands of more forthright college students chyanting “F…Joe Biden.”

There is so much more in this fascinating discussion between two men who clearly know what they’re talking about.

A light-hearted yet serious wide-ranging discussion. Includes soul talk.

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