Tesla-Trump-And-Time Travel

A Tale Of Two Trumps – Or Four.

It’s about Tesla, and DJT being Q+, because of Time Travel.

And one possible future we want no part of – provided the Trumps change our destiny.

It’s also about floating cities of the future and computers that eliminate you on the spot if you have badthink. Or just say No.

Watch that one first, then you can see more of Jetson White’s series about the future, in one of which he talks about The Rapture. Or jump down to Al Beilik

Extended version, different content. He’s very godly. Talks about The Rapture in one of his series.

Al Beilik recorded much more about his time travel experiences. I found it fascinating.

He reveals that the Montauk project created time tunnels. And that the future – and past history – can be changed. On one timeline, the south won the civil war. On another, Lincoln prevailed. Well worth learning from.

A Book By Michael Knight

If you’re open to the idea of Divine Intervention, especially in these troubled days when as far as I’m concerned it can’t happen soon enough, and may indeed happen sooner than we can imagine, this book may be a key to better understanding current events. It already has around 500 good reviews from verified customers.

Available now on Amazon at these links.



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Michael Knight

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