Fact Check Adrenochrome and the Next Pandemic

“Extra! Extra! Read All About It!”

Deadly Marburg virus revived

The Ugly Truth

If you want to fact check adrenochrome and the next pandemic, and if this is the first you’ve heard about the “misinformation” being spread around the Internet and social media, you’re in for a shock. A big shock.

Then again, you might be an open-minded person, fully capable of thinking and deciding for yourself what’s factual and what’s false.

Therefore, and I say this with respect, what you think of the information (real information) that follows is up to you.

You don’t need a middleman or some bogus bunch of “fact checkers” to make up your own mind.

By way of context – I have been aware of, and frequently written about, the New Woirld Order/Deep State for at least 40 years.

From my first reactions of disbelief, to my current awareness of the depths of their ambitions, and depravity, including their avowed intention of depopulating the planet (as written on the Georgia Guidestones long ago) and having done coiuntless hours of reseasrch during the CVD planned-emic, I have reached a point where I write in a no-holds-barred manner.


Becasuse when you fact check adrenochrome and the next pandemic, you find the lives of countless people, including the most utterly vulnerable – defenseless children – depend on real people, decent adults, knowing the facts, and the truth.

Shocking illustration of children beiung trafficked.

To Save The Children

Unfortunately, it seems to me that decent adults are the first to turn their gaze from the ugly truth – and the plight of those terrified children.

I have been one of those adults – up till now.

Therefore, my days of sugar-coating the ugly truth are over.

So here goes.

The child-molesting adrencohrome junkies – aka the Khazarian Mafia, the Deep State, the disciples of Satan, are at it again. 

Not satisfied with their genocidal CVD campaign, they are staging a follow-up.

And that’s what this “Extra” is all about. Fact checking adrenochrome and the next pandemic – Marburg.

When I say “this just in” I refer to an email recieved this morning, which I will copy and paste into this newsletter.

I have visited all the links, they all function, and they reveal the plans for the next pandemic.

Because I see this as a matter of urgency I am sending this out so you can dig into this information, be well informed, and draw your own conclusions.

Because of those decades of research, I have drawn mine, and I’ll spend a couple of minutes sharing what I know.

Fact Checking The Deep State and Child Trafficking

My take is that the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and governments worlkdwide are in on this next phase of their depopulation agenda.

We the people have lost control of our governments. Our governments are now enemies of the people.
Should that lead to civil war?

France certainly seems to be on the brink – and other countries may well follow.

Perhaps that is precisely what these governments want to create?

It would allow them to activate their brain-dead robotcops who would be more than willing to use more than teargas, rubber bullets and directed energy weapons on their fellow citizens, as they did in Australia (image below).

Surface effects of exposure to Directed Energy Weapon

Some commentators say the Deep State is in panic mode.

I was a lifeguard in New Zealand for a while, and we were trained to deal wth situations in which the people we were trying to rescue in the ocean might  panic, lash out, and if not dealt with correctly, they’d take us down with them.

It seems to me that the Khazarian Mafia/Deep State is the drowning one, lashing out, dedtermined to take us down by any foul means they can utilise.

In real terms, they are clearly doing everything they can to kill as many of us as they can.

Is that too fantastic to believe?

Hard though it may be, the evidence alone points to exactly that.

Will some guy in a White Hat come to our rescue? God perhaps?

I for one won’t be holding my breath. Even though I am confident that in the end – the end of this war between evil and good – Satan and God – God (as you might understand God) will win – with a lot of help from his friends (the gods? And decent people).

And there will be survivors.

However, we have to play our part.

We MUST be responsible for ourselves.

And our children

How we do that is up to us, individually.

For instance, I do what I can as a lifelong reporter to provide readers with information. It can be distressing at times – shocking even – and I take no pleasure in that at all.

I too have my moments of shock and horror.

Nevertheless, if we did not have such quick access to information like what follows, we would be no better off than deer in the headlights of an oncoming 18-wheeler.

Pedophiles and child traffickers together

Pedophiles Of The Worst Kind

It is also imperative to keep in mind that these satanic individuals have been trafficking and killing children to harvest adrenochrome for a long long time.

That is what they are desperate to preserve and continue.

They are pedophiles of the worst kind; hollywood “stars,” corporate heads, billionaires, politicians with the grossest of appetites and absolute contempt for the rest of us.

They call us sheep, or cattle, or goyim, and treat us accordingly.

They enable the disappearance of as many as 85,000 children a year in the US alone.

Under this administration, literally thousands of children are being brought across the southern border, handed over to American “child protection”: agencies – then moved on into the child trafficking network, or into prostitution, or into sex slavery, or, worse yet, have their lives snuffed out in some satanic ritual.

They run a worldwide network that also launders money and that garners them billions of dollars. The Biden administration is in on this.

They use as much of that laundered money as they need to bribe and blackmail those they want to use to help them incrementally pass laws that slowly but surely have removed almost all our liberties and rights.

They use the money to rig elections – everywhere.

These are all facts.

Therefore, although the facts are very ugly, we are now becoming more and more aware of the truth – the very ugly truth, but truth nevertheless.

There is also reason to be grateful that we have been exposed to the ugly truth.

The Gradual Adrenochrome Great Awakening

That’s because the truth started as a trickle – let’s say it started with the election of Donald Trump – and with the growth of the Q phenomenon – and a “Great Awakening” then gradually saw millions and millions of people around the world become aware of the ugly truth – and they in turn began to spread the word.

It doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike Trump.

 He did his part.

He signed an Executive Order in December 2017 that targeted the global child trafficking industry – and that’s when things began to go awry for the Deep State.

Here we are six or seven years later, and it looks as if we’re living in a world of hurt.

But again, facts and truth.

Effect of three days without adrenochrome

The alternative back then was Hillary Clinton.

 I have seen what was recorded on the Weiner laptop. A number of New York cops who also saw it, have since committed suicide (so we’re told).

From the Weiner laptop - what HRC did

Worst Of The Worst Adrenochrome Junkies

She is (was) one of the worst child abusers you can possibly imagine (think killing for adrenochrome, satanic rituals and sacrifice).

But enough of that.

The Deep State has done everything it can to destroy Trump – and much worse.

As odd as it may seem, they have also, always, telegraphed to the rest of us what they plan to do next.

Without wasting your time going into an explanation of why they do that, I will conclude by saying what you are about to see, with your own eyes, is that they are doing exactly that, again.

The information about Marburg (and/or bird flu) as their next bioweapon of choice is out there.

All we have to do is study it, then decide how we’ll respond and what we’ll do to preserve ourselves and our loved ones – and what we can do to enlighten others to the danger they are in.

From Today’s Email

People this is important for you to look at! 

They are trying it again. A Plandemic just like the last one! (Covid). Please take a look as Todd asks.

 They will make it as scary as possible to make you take a vaccine,

Don’t do it!

Don’t fall for their story. Notice the dates on the Documents 2020, this has all been planned they are doing it again because they didn’t get enough people Vaccinated on the last Plandemic. Please take notice. Your life WILL depend on it. – Elizabeth.
See email from Todd Callender below. 

 Take the time to read all of it and click on the links.  Read the attachments.  Get educated on the most probable next plandemic, which is Marburg.  Or maybe in combination with H5N1 bird flu that “crosses” into humans. 

 None of it will be true, of course, and we need to inform EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW (share share share) to warn them it’s all a scam, and DO NOT comply with any of it.  – Sandy
From: Todd Callender (email redacted)Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 04:57:52 PM CDT

Subject: Marburg PREP Act Invocaton.pdf

Marburg appears to be the next plandemic for all the reasons we know – including the fact that a Marburg plandemic was already declared on December 2, 2020 by “secretary” Alex Azar.   We need your help to know if he had a valid oath of office. 

 This declaration includes “Covered Countermeasures per the PREP Act.  In other words, it’s already weaponized and the government does not need to do anything more to start rounding people up and forcibly treating (killing) people.

 If we can demonstrate that Azar’s Oath of Office was defective, then such an invocation/declaration of a Marburg pandemic is without any authority WHATSOEVER – IT IS VOID AB INITIO.

We’ve seen an uptick in hiring for a Marburg plandemic, shipping of Marburg experimental “vaccines” and now Marburg PCR test kits, inter alia:  https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/virax-biolabs-group-limited-has-entered-into-an-agreement-for-the-distribution-of-marburg-virus-pcr-testing-kits-301801695.html  



In other words, staging has already begun, just like they did with Covid, long before Covid was in the world.  We know the CDC has already ordered regular medical doctors and hospitals to be on the lookout for “Marburg symptoms.”



Significant hiring of people with Marburg skills is also happening (even in Antarctica).  https://www.pharmiweb.jobs/job/1592525/gmp-compliance-specialist-global-pharma-marburg-area-mwithd-5171 


Please note that the second test kit is an EPCR device, which means it is capable of reading molecular construction for multiple samples – research we’ve seen indicates they can do this remotely and don’t need a sample, just a signal.  That’s what the 16 digit MAC addresses are for. 

Laura Loomer seems to have independently verified this: https://twitter.com/LauraLoomer/status/1650979401176064006  

Folks, we have to get ahead of this and ensure that they know it’s another scam and horrible attack on humanity.  This is happening and they’re not going to stop until we stop them.   

We have to get people to see Dr. Vliet’s points:

1) they don’t need to spread a pathogen because it’s probably already been spread; and

2) EMF can cause the same symptomology with enough signal and strength.   I firmly believe it’s a combination of the two. 

This is what our early research indicates, including the use of an 18 GHz signal to release the pathogens in the Nano Particles all around and in many of us. 

 Albendazole, Fenbendazole and Chlorine Dioxide are all well-established treatments (some say cures) among other things.

  We need to get people ready for it so that we don’t fall for their cattle drive into FEMA camps and smart cities – perhaps the same thing. Use your resources to head this off.  All the legal pretexts are here and so are the preps; they’ve been caught but need to finish the job of killing us. God bless you all and may God speed us in our mission,Todd.
The Marburg Prep Act PDF can be seen and downloaded from this link
You can also search for “Patent Marburg Vaccine RNA self replicating.pdf”and get numerous results.

Michael Knight is the author of “President Trump and the New World Order .”

It details the rise – and the impending demise – of what we now know as The Deep State. But it has been secretly active since ancient times with the objective of infiltrating all goivernments, so they can eventually take over the world, precisely as advocated by the World Economic Forum, and many treasonous politicians and governments that no longer serve their people. This book has almost 300 positive reviews on Amazon. See the links below.

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