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Millions listen to Tucker Carlson.

Now, it is surely millions more who watch and listen to Tucker Carlson, especially in Europe since he did this interview with Die Weltwoche. –

I’d suggest you listen here, then (or) read the following article. And keep in mind that YT just might shut down this Tucker Carlson video. But they can’t remove or edit the transcript, which is why it is included. Nor can the mainstream media do its usual hatchet job by using portions out of context. Of course, the search engines/algorithms might suppress the associated search text, but if you are a subscriber to this blog (i.e. have logged in in order to comment) you will be automatically notified when new posts are created.
Die Weltwoche is a Swiss weekly magazine.  Die Weltwoche  is German for ‘The World Week‘.”

The transcript is included in the following article, reprinted from https://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index4391.htm

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Firing Squad? REALLY?

For Clarity about the mention of a firing squad for Trump – this excerpt from the article explains how that came about.

….as to why a military firing squad is now being planned for President Trump, the leftist American media threw out the outlandish claim last week: “Even Trump’s senior advisers feel that should he be re-elected he will put in jail any military, defense, and other leaders who would place the Constitution ahead of loyalty to Trump”.

“They’re All Afraid”

September 25, 2023

Tucker Carlson Warns “They’re All Afraid” As Trump Faces Military Firing Squad

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A gobsmacking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first notes State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin factually assessing about theSpecial De-Nazification Operation to liberate Ukraine: “President Joe Biden, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and other Western officials have started calling it a war of attrition…They have put huge amounts of money into militarizing the Kiev regime…Where has it gotten them?…The simple facts are these: the West is experiencing weapons and ammunition shortages, people in Europe and the United States have lost trust in politicians, and the Kiev regime’s counteroffensive has failed…The outcome of the war of attrition also includes economic problems in Europe and the United States, a lack of manpower for the Ukrainian armed forces, and ultimately bankruptcy and demographic disaster for Ukraine…These seven facts speak for themselves: Ukraine will cease to exist as a state unless the Kiev regime capitulates on Russia’s terms…More than 10.5 million people have fled Ukraine…Another 11.2 million residents of Crimea, Sevastopol, the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions decided to join Russia…Ukraine has lost 53.7% of its population since 2014”.

In support of a “war of attrition”, this report notes, Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky demonically proclaimed to his warmongering socialist Western colonial powers puppet masters: “$100 billion and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives will buy you the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Russians…A proxy war is lot cheaper than engaging in a direct war with them”—a demonic proclamation joined by the horrifying news: “Canadian Jewish organizations and social media critics are slamming the Canadian Parliament for giving a man who fought for the Nazis a standing ovation during an event featuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to the country”—and today, the Wall Street Journal grimly revealed: “Across Ukraine, fresh graves and packed morgues attest to the tens of thousands of lives cut short by Russia’s invasion…Less visible is the toll on babies unborn…The number of births during the first six months of this year was 28% lower than the same period before the war—the sharpest fall since Ukraine gained independence in 1991…Even before Russia invaded, Ukraine’s fertility rate—the number of babies born per woman—was the lowest in Europe…Ukrainian demographers are now forecasting it will become the lowest in the world”.

In testimony before the European Parliament on 7 September, this report continues, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg admitted over 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died, and when asked if he knew that the Ukrainian Nazi Regime had begun mobilizing even the limited fit and sick, he shockingly replied: “No one ever said it would be easy…We knew from the beginning that it would be a bloody counteroffensive…We see that Russia has correctly prepared its defenses”—and as to how actually “bloody” it has become for unfit and sick Ukrainian soldiers forced to die for their socialist Western colonial puppet masters, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported today: “On 25 September 2023, at about 13:00 Moscow time, the Russian armed forces carried out a group strike using high-precision long-range weapons to strike unmanned aerial vehicles at the points of temporary deployment of foreign mercenaries and training of sabotage groups of the Ukraine military…All targets have been hit, and the objective of the strike has been achieved…In addition, enemy losses amounted to up to 445 Ukrainian military personnel killed and wounded, one tank, three infantry fighting vehicles, and 11 cars in the Donetsk direction…Moreover, Russia repelled two attacks by Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction, where Kiev lost up to 100 servicemen, as well as two attacks by the Ukrainian forces in the Krasny Liman direction, with Ukraine losing up to 55 troops”.

With the British media revealing wounded Ukrainian soldiers telling them such things like: “I am absolutely ready to shoot myself in the leg rather than ever go back to the front”, this report details, Russian military forces have established the radio frequency 149.200 that Ukrainian soldiers can tune into to find how to surrender, over 800 of whom have used to choose life over certain death—and after reviewing official documents leaked by the Ukrainian military, it caused world renowned Brazilian geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar to gravely observe: “It’s now firmly established that the Ukrainian counter-offensive turned out to be the feeder of a bloody meat grinder of astonishing proportions”.

To mobilize its unsuspecting peoples into waging a catastrophic war it eventually lost, this report notes, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (aka Nazi Party) branded Russian and Jewish peoples as sub-human vermin threats to democracy needing to be exterminated to unleash World War II, and massacred them by the tens-of-millions—a Nazi tactic of racist genocide employed against Russia after President Donald Trump won his stunning election victory in 2016—a stunning election victory blamed on Russian interference—after spending tens-of-millions of dollars, the Mueller Report concluded: “We found no evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 election”—after spending more tens-of-millions of dollars the Durham Report concluded: “The FBI should never have launched a full investigation into connections between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia during the 2016 election”—the Wall Street Journal then revealed: “The Russia-Trump collusion narrative of 2016 and beyond was a dirty trick for the ages, and now we know it came from the top—candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. That was the testimony Friday by 2016 Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in federal court, and while this news is hardly a surprise, it’s still bracing to find her fingerprints on the political weapon”—and is a history worth remembering because yesterday, it saw demonic socialist leader Hillary Clinton warning about President Putin: “I don’t think, despite all of the deniers, there is any doubt that he interfered in our election, or that he has interfered in many ways in the internal affairs of other countries, funding political parties, funding political candidates, buying off government officials in different places…He hates democracy…He particularly hates the West and he especially hates us…And he has determined that he can do two things simultaneously…He can try to continue to damage and divide us internally, and he’s quite good at it…Part of the reason he worked so hard against me is because he didn’t think that he wanted me in the White House…Part of the challenge is to continue to explain to the American public what kind of leader Putin is”.

Prior to socialist leader Hillary Clinton branding as “deniers” the American peoples who actually read the Mueller Report and Durham Report she instigated with her “dirty trick for the ages”, this report continues, articles began appearing like “Worried Democrats Fret Trump Is More Electable Than Believed”—articles quickly followed by the news: “According to a NBC poll, Biden’s approval among black voters is down a whopping 17 points since the first year of his presidency…Biden is also down double digits among Latino voters without a college degree and independents”—yesterday it was revealed: “President Donald Trump enjoys a commanding 10-point lead over his anticipated rival President Biden for the White House in 2024…A Washington Post-ABC News poll reveals Democrat Biden lacking engagement with a skeptical public, with dissatisfaction growing over his handling of the economy and immigration, a rising share saying the U.S. is doing too much to aid Ukraine in its war with Russia and broad concerns about his age as he seeks a second term”—all of which was joined today by the leftist Washington Post article “Forget Fantasies About Replacing Biden. There Is No Viable Alternative”, wherein it fearfully assessed: “We’re back in Crazytown…Trump is the almost certain Republican nominee in 2024…And, if current polls are to be believed, he has an excellent chance of winning the presidency again — despite his two impeachments, his incitement of an insurrection, and the 91 felony counts he currently faces in four criminal cases”.

Slamming President Trump with multiple sham felony counts to actually interfere and influence an election, this report detail, is top socialist Biden Regime official Special Counsel Jack Smith, who last week added to his Trump prosecution team veteran war crimes prosecutor Alex Whiting, who worked as a prosecutor with the International Criminal Court—is an international war crimes prosecutor well knowledgable about how to convict and place defendants in front of a military firing squad—and as to why a military firing squad is now being planned for President Trump, the leftist American media threw out the outlandish claim last week: “Even Trump’s senior advisers feel that should he be re-elected he will put in jail any military, defense, and other leaders who would place the Constitution ahead of loyalty to Trump”.

In order to understand what’s happening in the “Crazytown” that America has now become, this report concludes, the world renowned Swiss weekly magazine Die Weltwoche (German for “The World Week”) founded in 1933 interviewed for analysis America’s most popular and trusted news Tucker Carlson, whose beyond chilling “They’re All Afraid” transcript reveals:   

Weltwoche: Since leaving Fox and going solo with your new show, “Tucker Carlson On Twitter (now known as ‘X’),” your posts have logged tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of views. You’re taking off like Buzz Lightyear. Are you feeling the freedom? To explore more topics and ideas? To express your views?

Tucker Carlson: Well, definitely. If anything, I’ve expressed my views less. I haven’t done many straight-to-camera scripts where I write the script and give my opinion. I’ve done what I’ve wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t, which is get on an airplane and go see the rest of the world. I couldn’t because I had a daily show I had to do.

I’ve become convinced over the past several years — particularly since the war in Ukraine began — that the world is changing much more quickly than most Americans understand. And because there’s virtually no coverage of the rest of the world in American media, Americans don’t have a good sense of it.

What we, in this country, refer to as the “Post-War Order” — the institutions set up in the wake of World War II to keep the world peaceful and prosperous and the United States at the top of the pyramid, and that would include the dominance of the dollar, the SWIFT system, NATO — all of that appears to me to be crumbling. That’s my view of it. I’ve wanted to travel and see if that is, in fact, happening — and it is.

Weltwoche: The media as the “fourth estate” has a serious credibility problem, not just in the US. Here, it’s the same. The only national news organization in the US that scores the majority of the public’s trust is, according to YouGov [May 2023], The Weather Channel.

Carlson: Yes.

WeltwocheHalf of the American public believes that the news media deliberately attempts to mislead, misinform, and propagandize [Gallup, February 2023]. You’ve been in the news for so long. Why is the state of the media so miserable?

Carlson: Well, because if you want to subvert a democracy, you need to control the information that citizens receive. I’d argue that the news media in democracies is far less trustworthy than it is in other countries simply because it matters more in a democracy. People vote on the basis of the information they have. So, if you want to control their votes, you have to control what they know.

There has been a very aggressive attempt, over a number of decades on the part of the people who run the United States, to control what’s available on our news stations and in our newspapers — to control the news media. And they have.

Weltwoche: The people working for news media seem to go along with it.

Carlson: Of course they do, because they’re terrified. They’re just afraid. They go along with it, absolutely. They’re afraid to say something that will offend the people who run the government, who run the biggest companies and, most of the time, they won’t. And that’s not just a perversion of what they should be doing, it’s an inversion. They exist to hold the people in power accountable. Instead, they do exactly the opposite. They do their bidding.

For example, they roll out this vaccine in the United States. It has massive consequences for the population. Hundreds of millions of people take it, and no reporting on that vaccine – no real reporting — is allowed. People are, literally, fired from their jobs if they’d question the efficacy and the safety of that vaccine. That’s insane. In a functioning democracy, if you had a mandatory drug where everyone’s required to take it, the news media’s job would be to report out whether or not it’s safe and whether or not it works. They did just the opposite.

Even the war in Ukraine. This is potentially a nuclear conflict between superpowers. Shouldn’t we know all that we can? “No.” You’re not allowed.

I tried to interview Vladimir Putin, and the US government stopped me. So, think about that for a minute. By the way, nobody defended me. I don’t think there was anybody in the news media who said, “Wait a second. I may not like this guy, but he has a right to interview anyone he wants, and we have a right to hear what Putin says.” You’re not allowed to hear Putin’s voice. Because why? There was no vote on it. No one asked me. I’m 54 years old. I’ve paid my taxes and followed the law.

I’m an American citizen. I’m a much more loyal American than, say, Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, who didn’t even grow up in this country; she grew up in Canada. And they’re telling me what it is to be a loyal American? I’m just not even interested, at this point. I don’t even care. When David Frum [a staff writer for The Atlantic magazine] from Canada gets to tell me that I’m a disloyal American, it’s a joke. It’s a joke. And I don’t care what they think, actually, anymore. And I don’t have to care. So, I don’t.

Weltwoche: The high ratings your show is getting demonstrate that you raise a voice that people want to hear. One such example of media manipulation is the media suppression and dismissal of Hunter Biden’s laptop. You have studied the infamous “laptop from hell.” So have we, at Weltwoche, since the spring of last year. You have profound knowledge about the Biden business network. You were the first to interview the Biden business insider, Tony Bobulinski, in October 2020. From what you have seen, would you conclude that Joe Biden knew about his son’s business? That he facilitated it? And that he might have profited, himself?

Carlson: Well, those aren’t opinions. That’s factually established. We interviewed Devon Archer [Hunter Biden’s longtime close business partner and friend] last month, who, on dozens of occasions at business meetings, watched Joe Biden call his son Hunter during a business meeting. His son put him on speakerphone while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States in order to help his son’s business. By the way, the business, the so-called “business,” consisted wholly of being Joe Biden’s son. Hunter Biden had no expertise in energy. He knew nothing about Ukrainian gas. It’s a joke that he didn’t know. He had no relevant experience in, or knowledge of, any of the so-called “businesses” he ran.

He was purely selling access to his father. It’s not speculation. That’s what his business partner said, on the record, on camera. Yes, there’s no debate about that. That’s a fact.

I guess the media hate Trump so much or are profiting in some way, I suppose, from Joe Biden being president that they feel they’d have to lie about it. But they’re lying, period.

Weltwoche: Another story that has raised zero curiosity among the DC press is the allegation, reportedly made by his own daughter, Ashley, in her private diary, that Joe Biden may have behaved toward her in a way that she describes as “probably not appropriate” when she was a young girl. Hunter gave his dad the alias “Pedo Peter” in his cell phone contact list. I assume that in America “Pedo Peter” is an unusual term of address for one’s father. Why has the press shown so little interest in investigating these disturbing details, especially in the post-#MeToo era?

Carlson: Well, [Ashley] said it in her diary, whose only audience was herself. She didn’t allege it. She recorded it: that her father took showers with her as a child and, because he did, she became a sex addict. That’s what she wrote in her diary. The response from the Biden administration was to get the Department of Justice to raid the home of the man who had the diary, arrest the people who had the diary though they didn’t steal it, they paid for it. Ashley Biden left it behind in a house she’d been renting, and they never said anything about it.

That’s a sex crime. I have three daughters. I can promise you it’s not normal for a father to shower with his daughters. [Ashley] said, in her diary, “I think I have a sex addiction because my father showered with me.” That’s what she says.

By the way, Joe Biden has dementia and is not running the United States. So, that raises the obvious question: “Who is?”

Weltwoche: Who is?

Carlson: I would assume Barack Obama through his cutouts who work for Joe Biden. But I don’t know that. The New York Times hasn’t bothered to report on it, but Joe Biden has dementia. He’s not capable of speaking a complete sentence much less running the largest organization in human history, which is the US government. The whole premise is ridiculous, and now they’re telling us? He’s 80 years old. He can barely speak. He can barely walk. And he’s going to run, again, for president of the United States while there’s a war going on? The whole thing is so demented that we’re moving to the point where they’re not trying to convince anybody. They’re just trying to suppress and arrest people who ask questions. They’ve arrested dozens of people, of political opponents, not for committing crimes, but for opposing them in the past month. Dozens in the past month.

Our system is collapsing in real time. We’re watching this happen. If you read the American media, it’s stories about Kim Kardashian and lots of irrelevant crap about trannies and all this stuff. The bottom line is the president of the United States is non compos mentis.

Who is running the government? If you can’t answer that question, you’re not doing your job in the media, it would seem to me.

Weltwoche: In general, what gives you hope in a rather worrisome time, looking into the future?

Carlson: That the stakes have suddenly gotten so high that smart people are rethinking their assumptions. I see it all around me. I see people all around me asking themselves, “I used to believe this. Is it still true? Was it ever true? What is the truth?” People are focused on questions of truth and falsehood, I think, much more deeply than they ever have been, and that’s a good thing.

I also see an awakening of spiritual awareness and religious faith in the United States that I think is great. Not everyone is reaching the same conclusions that I’m reaching, but that’s okay. It’s better than thinking that Amazon’s going to make you happy, because Amazon is not going to make you happy, actually. That’s not true. That’s a lie. And more and more people seem to be concluding that it’s a lie, and I think that’s a great thing.

There’s this idea that somehow the main threat to our happiness is from religious people. That’s absurd. The main threat to our happiness is from people who think they’re God. They’re the dangerous ones. If you think that you’re God, there’s no limit to what you’ll do because you think you’re the final arbiter, you’re the final judge, you’re all-powerful. That’s terrifying.

I’m much more comfortable around religious people. I’m a Christian, but they don’t have to share my views. As I just said, I was actually meeting with some people the other day. There was a call to prayer right in the middle of our meeting, and everyone got up and got on their knees and faced toward Mecca and worshiped Allah. Twenty years ago, I would’ve thought, “Oh my gosh, how threatening!” Now, I thought, “How wonderful. How great is that?”    

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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