Trump CNN Town Hall

Trump’s CNN Town Hall And An NDE

After watching President Trump’s CNN Town Hall one-man assault, I have a few thoughts to offer.

Gutfield’s review was sort of fun. He said when Trump walks into the Lion’s den, the lion is in trouble.

Trump did the usual…he was matter-of-fact, kept any emotions in check extremely well…I would have had her by the tonsils (they’re inside the throat) but he handled it right down to the one memorable comment, “you’re a nasty person.”

Frankly, I think CNN put a grenade in their own living room, and he pulled the pin.

It’ll be interesting to see how this Trump CNN Town Hall evolves.

Will she now have Biden to chat to and  what will that look like? Or are they planning to now showcase someone they have in mind to replace Biden?

I have noticed the aftermath on CNN and the keyword for all Trump’s haters is “LIE” – in its many iterations. Anderson Cooper said so, and their after-talk show had half a dozen of them using that word, as has every anti-Trump commentator since.

Methinks that even the dumbest Biden supporter/CNN watcher must at some time start rejecting this one-word overload. They surely have to start wondering, “what did he lie about?”

And since he’s a private citizen, does he have the option of suing them for defamation or libel? 

The script was nothing more than a step by step runthrough of all the bullshit hoaxes that Trump has been subjected to, always with her insisting that there was no evidence that the 2020 election was fraudulent, and absolutely ignoring his revelations about ballot box stuffers being caught on government cameras. But the audience, both there and online, surely noted that comment, and perhaps some even accepted it as a truthful rebuttal.

She was almost beside herself with witchiness as she said at one point, “but you were impeached,” knowing (as the CNN trained character assassins know very well) that she was implying that merely by being impeached, he was guilty of some horrendous crime…and the stupidos in the core CNN audience would think the same, because it is CNN’s job to tell them what to think.

Obviously CNN hasn’t woken up to the fact that every viewer who has left their audience, by the tens of thousands,  has done so because they actually started thinking…for themselves.

Same thing with his statement about Biden having hundreds of boxes of documents…she slid right over that, and her responses were generally more opinion and deflection than a genuine effort to allow her guest to put his side of the story.

In other words, the Trump CNN Town Hall was an inquisition, modern style, with the accused wizard at least able to show us that the inquisitor was nothing but a yapping distraction.

She proved this many times, a case in point being her insistence that he say which side he was on in this war between Russia and Ukraine. Granted, he said he got along with both Putin and Zelensky, and that if he had been president, Putin never would have invaded Ukraine. However, when pressed to say which side he supported, he repeated a couple of times that he wanted to save lives, on both sides.

Herself did not consider that to be the answer she wanted, and like a dog on a bone she ignored his reply (as usual) in favor of digging for the answer she wanted.

(As a retired journo myself, I recall politicians who were masters at evading a question, but in this case, Trump was not evading. He was offering his honest point of view – which is that saving lives on both sides is more important than rooting for one side or the other). 

Proof that today’s mainstream (non)journalists have lost their minds, their morals, and their ethics is the way they have responded to the Trump CNN Town Hall event – lambasting CNN for even allowing him time on air at all.

Honestly, and very sadly, it seems to me that America has totally lost its way.

The Democrats, the mainstream journalists, the RINOs, all have abrogated their allegiance to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It’s “free speech for me, but not for thee.”

It’s “guns for me, but not for thee.”

It’s “guilty until proven innocent – and even then, you’re still guilty” (because you got impeached).

It’s “he was charged with and is therefore guilty of rape” even though the jury said he was not guilty of rape!

As he said, can you imagine walking through the door of a New York business, meeting a total stranger, then she finds an unlocked dressing room and then….    “but she doesn’t even remember what year it was, and she called her husband an ape (he’s black) and she calls her cat Vagina!” But the court didn’t allow that in testimony. 

(As an aside:- When I moved to America in 1990 I made the mistake of calling my pet pussycat into the house after dark, using the usual Kiwi call “puss puss puss…here pussy.” My gorgeous blonde visitor was totally shocked, appalled, and doubled over laughing all at the same time. I had no idea that in this country the word refers to that part of the anatomy that Trump’s accuser had named her cat for….vagina! Shame on her! But kudos to me. I no longer see cats as pussies, and I’m not famous enough … ah, shuddup…).

Back to the Town Hall…will it benefit Trump in the long run? 

I don’t know, but he’s such a strategist that I am sure he would not have done it if he thought it would be a bad move.

He did say that CNN had made him a great offer – but I’ll bet he didn’t do it for the money.

After all, he donated all but a dollar of his presidential salary, every year he was in office, to charities or organisations he must have believed needed the money more than he did.

Whatever money he might have got from CNN, which we’ll probably never see revealed, was surely not the real reason he agreed to go into the hyena’s den. 

He loves this country.

I suspect he knows all there is to know about the Swamp.

He certainly knows about global corruption, child trafficking, Satanic rituals, and no doubt he also knows who among this federal government, and its agencies, is being blackmailed by the Deep State, or even willingly undermining everything America has stood for.

In a sense, he’s a one-man army, and he has the enemy surrounded, backed into a corner – but even with the backup of several million MAGA people, the future of America still hangs in the balance.

Will he be reinstated as President?

Will he win in 2024?

Or will he be reinstated as president before then?

One way or the other, and in my opinion, yes he will at some point retake the Oval Office.

But it won’t be until America has woken up enough to come back from the almost dead.

In a Near Death Experience (which I have had) you find yourself in a place that is blacker than black.

There is a sound as of a rushing wind.

You find yourself (without a body) accelerating to hypersonic speed down a rotating ultraviolet blue tunnel.

Then, a light appears in the distance, and you are hurtling toward that, realising that you are dead – but alive in consciousness – conscious of everything that is happening – but not knowing that the Light up ahead is the next step in your evolution.

In my case (and I may have told you this before) I silently but at the top of my voice shouted “I’m Not Fugging Finished.”

Next minute, I was “alive” again in my smacked up body – and it was time to get on with a new future. 

That incident is my metaphor, or is it an analogy, for what my new country is going through.

Its death rattles of the present are but the prelude to revival and the resurrection of this nation as a true Constitutional Republic.

As for Trump, he gets the last word, because, as he has said, “Nothing worth doing, ever came easy.”

And this:- “Never quit. Never ever quit.”

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