This extraordinary interview shows that Trump’s trials are more than court cases.

He is still Commander in Chief, says a Space Force insider, and this war between good and evil is all but over.

While it was expected that there would be a major announcement on April 15, that did not happen. President Trump was attending the first day of his trial in New York.

It is never wise to pick a date and advertise it – unless it was intended to mislead the enemy. Other social media sources seem confident that there will be major events coming up in the next few weeks, although they too include such dates as May 1. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

The image below sets the stage for the video that follows.

Personally, I found what Pascal Najadi had to say refreshing, enlightening, and very surprising. He is Swiss, a retired military pilot who now has Space Force credentials, and he says Switzerland was the controlling hub of the recent pandemic.

If so, those responsible should surely be eliminated – as should thousands of others who he says are not truly of the human species.

Pascal also says he took the jab – and he has lost friends who were, in essence, murdered.

President John F Kennedy – let’s say “in the calm before the storm.” Is he still alive? Has his family, as well as President Trump, taken on the Deep State – and with the help of soldiers from many nations, conducted secret missions to clean out and destroy underground bases inhabited by those who are “not of the human species”?
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The original from which this is embedded is on Rumble on the neutralswiss channel,

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