Top News February 6 2024


King Charles III diagnosed with cancer, Buckingham Palace says.

The type of cancer has not been revealed – it is not prostate cancer, but was discovered during his recent treatment for an enlarged prostate.

The King began “regular treatments” on Monday and will postpone public duties during it, the Palace said.


Subscriber Comment:- I seriously doubt the truth of this headline, but it’s the way the White Hats are shaping the narrative as they remove the bad actors from the script. It’s about time! If it really was cancer, he would have been treated. Those royals ARE the cancer; the blight on our planet. Cancer can be eradicated. We knew he was long past his expiration date. No one officially “dies” until the White Hats say it’s time.

King Charles and Close Friends Raped ‘Hundreds of Children’ – Explosive New Testimony

King Charles has been implicated in a massive decades-old pedophile ring at an “elite” British boarding school, according to revelations by a former student and whistleblower who has blown the lid off the horrific scale of the elite’s chosen vice…


NYC giving $53 million to illegal immigrants in pre-paid debit cards

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s administration will be giving pre-paid debit cards to illegal immigrants who are already being provided with free hotel rooms.  Source

300+ convoy, hundreds of Americans rally at Texas border

The Take Our Border Back Convoy met at Cornerstone Children’s Ranch, a private ranch in Quemado, Texas, which is located near Eagle Pass, Texas. Eagle Pass has been at the center of an intense feud in recent weeks between President Joe Biden’s administration and Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) over the issue of border security. Source

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For those who say “Nothing’s Happening” 

1. President Clinton confirmed on Epstein list.

2. Iraq says “No More USD exchange” inside the country. 

3. NATO full panic mode — planning to false_flag themselves and blame Russia.

4. SCOTUS accepts filing alleging Jack Smith is an illegal special counsel.

5. Public confirmation that DJT never went to Epstein Island.

6. Genocide in Gaza confirmed by multiple alt-media/citizen journalists worldwide. Official case accepted by ICJ.

7. Tucker Carlson/Russell Brand say the words “spiritual warfare”, and “C19 was a bioweapon” on Tucker’s show, 3 weeks after Tucker basically proved Epstein didn’t kill himself.

8. Former Counsel in US FDIC office overseeing commercial banking sector, sentenced to prison for child pornography/assault.

9. WeThePeople protests now choking off transit in multiple Western nations.

10. “Alien” seed firmly planted in the consciousness in Miami, FL.

And we’re just 1 month in … 


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E, [2/2/2024 12:15 PM]

Last warning. If you are a U.S. citizen in the Middle East. You need to leave, NOW.

In no uncertain terms. You do not want to be around for what is about to happen.



E, [2/3/2024 4:19 AM]

According to the Syrian Government. U.S. airstrikes did not, in fact, hit any command outposts or military strongholds for any sort of militias. But instead bombed several marketplaces and killed multiple civilians, including women and children, with nearly 100 bombs dropped indiscriminately across civilian areas.

This is in stark contrast to U.S. claims. 



E, [2/3/2024 4:25 PM]

The Putin interview will be eye opening.



E, [2/5/2024 8:11 AM]

On Thursday, Trump wins at the Supreme Court.



E, [2/5/2024 8:14 AM]

Massive surprise inbound.

Be Ready.



Telegram/Ezra A. Cohen/2-5-24

Ezra A. Cohen, [2/5/2024 9:58 AM]

NATO is planning a major assassination.


King Charles reign is very close to ending.

Join Ezra A. Cohen (


Ezra A. Cohen, [2/5/2024 12:34 PM]

Join @Official_EzraACohen

Note: Picture of King Charles with a RED X drawn thru it. 


Ezra A. Cohen, [2/5/2024 12:55 PM]

Do you remember the grim reaper walking by last year when King Charles III was crowned as the King?

Join @Official_EzraACohen

Died Suddenly

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One response to “Top News February 6 2024”

  1. Val Anderson Avatar
    Val Anderson

    WOW! Point #2 on the Iraq exchange is a HUGE marker I’ve been waiting to see for 2yrs now. I DO remember the thing with the angel of death walking past the entrance to the room where Charles was being coronated. The most interesting thing about that? CHARLES was the only one who saw that because EVERYONE ELSE was facing the other way looking at ‘the king’ so if that wasn’t a DIRECT message to that blue blooded demon, I don’t know what is.

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