For at least a year or more several reputable (but not mainstream) sources have been warning that everything is going south.

Now, they’re talking about a global financial collapse, and, with that, the end of the Evil Empire.

This article takes an in depth look at both – in order to provide you with current information from which to evaluate personal circumstances, and what you might need to do, assuming this really is going to happen.

Yes. right now, May 2024, south is getting a lot closer. As close as sometime in the next few months.

At the same time, such ideas as a worldwide collapse of the financial system have been written off by many, especially the mainstream media, as conspiracy theories.

However, quite a few of those “conspiracy theories” have proven to be both truthful, and factual.

Consequently, by including ones own personal research, the rational conclusion is that it is the mainstream media and official sources that are themselves engaged in a conspiracy.

Their purpose has been to preserve, for as long as possible, the control certain “elite” groups have had on almost the entire world.

They have been able to exert their control not only through bribery and blackmail, but primarily through their control of the money supply. So let’s indulge in a history lesson about the Evil Empire behind the scenes – and then we’ll look at how such a collapse will affect us personally, and what we may do about it.

Take this statement by one of the Rothschild ancestors as an example.

So powerful have they been, that Royalty bends a knee when so instructed.

But it’s not just the British Empire (now the Commonwealth) of over 100 countries that have been controlled. It’s Europe and America as well.

I have no idea who that big “Nobody” guy is, but it is definitely a Baphomet lookalike.

The Rothschilds definitely have strange, weird, sometimes sickening friends and parties.

But who, you might ask, controls the controllers, and through them, controls the world?

And in what guise, or many guises, is this ultimate controller portrayed, and worshipped?

And why does that matter under present circumstances?

This photograph is a “spirit cooker” by the name of Abramovich, and the late Jacob Rothschild, posing in front of a painting that is said to depict Satan calling up his legions.

The Rothschilds have been Satan worshippers for generations – which means they and their kind are pedophiles and child traffickers and no doubt Adrenochrome junkies as well.

Until recently, all of that has been hidden from public view while their central banks and the corrupt controllers of those banks have used the printing of paper money to cement their grip on and over the lives of common people of all races and cultures (except a few).

By establishing the Federal (not) Reserve in America, they and their fellow travelers have, until now, controlled the destiny of this nation as well.

Please take the time to study this next image. There’s nothing to like about it, but it will advance your knowledge base, and help you understand why, what’s coming this summer, is in reality an antidote to this parasitical “race” of human lookalikes.

At the risk of sounding corny, I’ll ask, “Are you getting the picture?”

There’s no need to go into detail. By now some of you are surely well aware that an anonymous group known as White Hats has for some years, perhaps decades, been chipping away at the foundations of this Evil Empire – and with increasing success.

What I call the Evil Empire is currently referred to by several descriptors, such as the “Deep State, ” or “The Swamp,” or as “Black Hats.”

The Evil Empire is indeed the “Black Hats.” They have plotted and planned for decades to gradually herd us into their version or vision of a New World – a “New World Order” – intending as they did so to cut the numbers of the herd by several billion people planet-wide.

Their latest BIG endeavor was the “pandemic” that saw billions jabbed with a bioweapon that kills soon after, or gradually over time.

All vaccines, from the get-go, have longterm debilitating health effects. They weaken the body’s immune system over time. Cancer and Alzheimers and dementia and heart attacks and so forth follow – but nobody bar a few astute scientists have noted that this was the initial purpose behind telling us that “vaccines” would shield us from the disease of the moment.

So-called “vaccinations,” and especially the CV19 bioweapon jabs, have reaped Big Pharma billions in profits….always aided and abetted by the human filth that passes as the authorities of the moment.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda (Jack) Ardern , and her lapdog government, both parties included, would be a case in point.

Or there is this apology for a human being in America – a little monster who has literally spent decades convincing this nation that vaccines are the answer to everything from polio to AIDs to HIV, and eventually the bullshit about “CV19.”

How the hell would he, and Big Pharma, know that a new strain of something like the flu was about to strike, and everyone should now be vaxxed? How would they know if they had not literally created that new strain themselves?

Meanwhile, by way of comic relief from all this evil bad stuff, take a quick break and watch a tranny steal a bike. I see it as a great metaphor for what’s about to happen to the Evil Empire.

The Root Of All Evil

It has been said that money is the root of all evil.

Perhaps so, but you have to be fundamentally evil to start with.

Money, by itself, is a neutral commodity.

However, these evil individuals, though outnumbered by decent ordinary people, devised ways to use money to enslave us all.

For our part, our simple desires were to enjoy life, liberty and happiness.

Instead, under the hidden control of the Evil Ones, we have been born, assigned a name in capital letters on our birth certificates, and thereafter, unbeknownst to us, we have been no more than an entry on a spreadsheet, cross referenced with our potential as a worker, for a statistically averaged period of time.

This system of money control was really pure genius.

Those printing the money, the ones who controlled the central banks, would on the one hand loan it to the government of each country, at interest of course.

At the same time, money would be the means of survival for the working individual, who would then, without question, pay taxes to the government.

Supposedly those taxes would be used by the government to provide social services, infrastructure, and repayment of the interest the government had incurred by borrowing from their central bank in the first place.

The irony here is this. Taking the United States and its Federal (not) Reserve as an example, the obvious but seldom asked question is this.

And, more to the point, why does it require us to pay taxes so they can (pretend to) pay interest on the debt they have incurred by borrowing money they printed in the first place?

The obvious answer is that we, the people, have been scammed, lied to, manipulated, controlled, and worked like indentured servants (SLAVES would be a better word) and for whose benefit?

The answer, which the White Hats really understood very well, is that the money – be it from interest on a loan to a government, or the taxes paid by every able bodied individual – was always siphoned back to those who owned the banks.

It’s a simple concept, but one which would take years in the implementation.

“Money is the root of all evil” may be a metaphor, but in our world to date, it has been exactly that; money has enabled the Evil Empire and its evil denizens to establish their world power, to control billions of people, to bribe governments and politicians, to have laws passed that ensure their preeminence (as in being above the law); to create global corporations, secretly foster the trade in millions of “disappeared” children; to infiltrate or create and use otherwise benign organisations, such as religions, or the Freemasons, or what are outwardly perceived as charities…and the list goes on and on and on.

Very successful they have been in hiding their evil behind the appearance of good.

The answer is simple – though it has required very careful planning, subterfuge, patience, and dedication to achieving a goal that will ensure freedom from money-based slavery ever after. And this was, and is, the White Hat plan.

Rip Out The Roots.

Tear Down The Money Supply.

Cripple Every Central Bank.

Do It Gobally.

When that happens, and it will be soon, you and I will survive – provided we have prepared instead of treating all these warning signs as nothing more than Conspiracy Nut ravings.

It will succeed because money fuels their addiction to adrenochrome, and to power, and they have needed money for both.

The true conspiracy has been the conspiracy of secrecy and silence among the elite – and that’s why the following images have been selected, to expose just a very small but very real reason why these closet monsters have wanted the rest of us dead – while killing the youngest and smallest among us. Why? Because of their Satan-worshipping addictions.

Destroying their money supply will put an end to that evil – and in case you were unaware, that determination has been under way for several years already.

Certain people have already been dealt with. Permanently.

At the same time, a Great Awakening has occurred, and millions of ordinary folk have become an information army on many social media platforms.

True, the war is not over yet, but we are at least in the final stages of The Storm.

Where Adrenochrome is their drug of choice, harvested through the torture and death of children, money has been their drug of power, and their way of funding their multi-billion-dollar human trafficking trade – stealing children for the most unimaginably evil purposes. That’s why certain key players in the Evil Empire have already been dealt with.

I found the following images of the late HRC in a video posted by Pascal Najadi on Rumble. You can find him there by searching on Rumble for neutralswiss. Najadi says he is a member of, or associated with, the United States Space Force, and that HRC was arrested way back, taken before a Judge Advocate General (JAG) trial at Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) and executed.

She has been replaced by either a double, or a clone.

And that’s enough said about them.

Knowing the enemy is doomed is one thing.

But how do we get on when all the banks in the world are shut down – and soon?

How will we even know when it’s about to happen?

What are the signs to watch for?

What will be the broader consequences?

Point One is this. I do not write these blog articles and make videos for my own benefit, and certainly not to tell others what to do or how to think. The many many hours of research certainly are for the benefit of me and my family – an extended one at that, provided they even bother to watch or read.

I also do this work because so much valuable information is suppressed or ignored by the legacy media. They have literally been owned by the rich Deep State families for generations, and their sole purpose has been to keep people uninformed, misinformed, and under the influence of their deliberate propaganda and brainwashing. Sure, most people are unaware of this – but many others (me included) really want to know the truth, and what to expect and prepare for.

Therefore, I use my lifelong experience as a reporter to visit dozens and sometimes hundreds of articles and videos – both mainstream and alternative – in order to connect dots, and, hopefully, come up with a 30,000 foot view.

This is helped immensely by feedback, links, and memes sent in by subscribers, so a big thanks for that.

Those banks too will fail, but this is evidence of their desperate attempts to retain power and control – at least until everything collapses, and them along with it.

The next task is to condense much of that information into these posts for the benefit of subscribers, and others who may find their way to the blog in the future.

Above all I believe that you, personally, have every right to draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions based on your own spectrum of research, knowledge and information.

That’s basically how this article was written. The core subject so far has been money, how it has empowered the Evil ones, what horrible things they have been engaged in, and why it is essential to bring them down, worldwide.

The only logical way to do so, has been the development of a plan.

Reading the above background makes that plan look really terrific – but then come the very important personal questions – how does all this affect the rest of us?

What follows the bullet points I’m about to insert here, are my personal thoughts.

The list is a combination of reasonable expectations, and additional questions worth pondering. You might say the list is a crystal ball, but a somewhat cloudy one. How you decide to prepare (or not) is your decision – I simply wish you all the best as we make our way through the storm to a distant shore. Although it’s not so distant any more. We just have to hang on, create our own lifeboat, and get there.

I’ll start with what could be the early warning signs – thanks to Phil Godlewski.

  • Bank of America headlines hint at problems.
  • Ditto for Deutsche Bank.
  • Central banks start failing.
  • Local banks follow.
  • Credit/Debit cards useless
  • Cash becomes worthless.
  • Gas stations shut down.
  • Cell phones out?
  • Internet out?
  • Electricity out?
  • Central/state/local govts shut down.
  • Truckers can no longer deliver.
  • Public Transport stops.
  • Supermarkets/all businesses close.
  • Desperate people raid food stores.
  • Gangs start marauding.
  • Martial law instigated.
  • Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) activated.
  • (Best advice is to do as requested).
  • In America – “Soft” martial law.
  • Current administration removed.
  • Military law replaces existing Admiralty law.
  • Sealed indictments unsealed.
  • Thousands now arrested.
  • Military tribunals begin.
  • Nationwide (worldwide?) television coverage of trials.
  • Trump? In jail? Or Not?
  • Military instals Trump “temporarily.”
  • Shortly after, a snap election is held.
  • Trump wins.

The entry about Bank of America and Deutsche Bank comes from watching a Phil Godlewski Rumble live presentation titled The Event. He gets into the nittygritty at about 43 minutes in.. You can find him on Rumble at

He also recommends that those who have IRAs or 401Ks move over to precious metals – gold and silver. Being on a minimal disability benefit and no social security, I know nothing about them, except that they’re retirement savings held by banks and invested by others in the stock market – which will crash when the crash occurs. He suspects the crash will happen this summer.

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All The Best

May The Force Be With You


Michael Knight.

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