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Satan Technology and Mass Shooting

As of May 7 2023, the Epoch Times was reporting that there had been 198 mass shootings in this year alone.

That is hard to believe, but that’s the way it is – and it’s not so hard to believe that every such tragedy is followed by yet another push for gun control.

I’ll come back to that.

Looking at the above mug shots of mass shooting perps who were not shot dead at the scene of their killing sprees, I find myself in a muddled state of contempt, pity, and puzzlement.

I decide to do some more research, asking the duck of duckduckgo to find “mass shooting timeline USA.”

First up, Reuters says “At least 2,000 people have been killed or injured in massshootings since 1999.”

And then, “From 1982 to 2021 ( according to Timeusing Mother Jones figures) there were 123 such incidents in which at least three people were killed, not including the gunman. In that time, 952 people have been killed and 1,315 wounded.”

What has happened? 198 mass shootings in just the last four months, compared to 123 such incidents in the 40 years between 1982 and 2021. 952 people killed in four decades – and then this – 13,900 killed in the last four months.

Now, ABC from May 2 :- “More than 13,900 people killed in gun violence so far in 2023.

More than half of all gun violence deaths this year were deaths by suicide.”

That mention of suicides was quite unexpected, indeed, shocking. Therefore I highlighted it in bold red. Why? Because I could get off on a tanghent, exploring suicide numbers for previous years, asking if there is a connection between these suicides and the vax,….???


Are these mass shootings AND the suicides by gun connected to the brain hacking and mind control that is the theme of this editorial?

Please keep that possibility in mind as we proceed to talk about S.A.T.A.N and C.H.R.I.S.T. which I have juust learned about myself after buying this book as a paperback from Amazon.

S.A.T.A.N. –  Silent Assassination Through Adapting Networks

Transcribing just a few pars from the book …

“We have been trying to concentrate evil as humans understand it to create weaponry that attacks information systems of the brain and body. I didn’t know what we were fully doing at the time I served. I regret what I did.” – Former DARPA scientist.

“The basic concept behind the best silent assassination is not to stage a suicide, but to cause one.

“The U.S. government calls them Self Manipulative Muder/Suicide.

“This is but one objective of the weaspon system with the acronym SATAN.

“This is the equivalent in physical renditions of torture of a subject every day while leaving a gun by his side in a contained room and then the torturer claiming ‘I’m not rersponsible for their death. They killed themselves.’

” It is equivalent to putting a knife in someone’s hand, grabbing their hand and then force them to stab themselves.

“One must understand their enemy in order to defend against and defeat them. This system is very aptly named SATAN. Only through severe leaks in the intelligence community was the precise and accurate acronym for this system and techniques uncovered.”

C.H.R.I.S.T  – Common Human Routines Inference Software Technology


This “is a personality segmentation program which uses many factors. But in recent decades it has become feasible to add credit card purchases and other shopping patterns, interest groups, travel, lifestyle, web browsing patterns, phone and email speech prints, TV watching patterns, books and movies etc. This develops a full picture of the individual and human networks.

“Newer technology allows GPS tracking of individuals, their route patterns, speaking patterns and word choice. This is total information awareness of individual. With remote mind monitoring even sleeping patterns can be tracked.

This guy, Michael Aquino, gets a mention in this book. I have written about him in previous newsletters. He founded the Temple of Set, a Satanist church, or cult if you prefer, in Los Angeles back in the 80s.

He was a guest on the Hiraldo Rivera show back then. You can see a replay here.

He is now dead, and I won’t say R.I.P. or God Rest His Soul, because if he had one, it had to be a very twisted one – so perhaps he is now happily breathing sulphur fumes with his feet to the fire.

His work in the military was not only a matter of converting soldiers to his church of Satan, it was primarily in the realm of mind control terchniques.

The book, “Project : Soul Catcher, Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed,”  is a 300-page encyclopedia of what you might call truth bombs.

While Robert Duncan is credited as the author, it also credits the work of “The Mind Hacking Strategy Group.”

This is “a consortium of conscientious scientists who report the abuses of science.”

They tell us, in great detail, about black projects that have been developed and refined over the past 60 years by all branches of the military and numeroius government agencies and contractors

The SATAN and CHRIST methods of mind hacking are but two among doizens of clandestine methods that are in most cases so well protected from scrutiny that even presidents are kept ignorant of their existence.

One reviewer, Ted Gunderson, former head of the Los Angeles FBI, says “This is the holy grail of weaponry that the national security cabals have been hiding.

Elsewhere in the book the group points out that their research indicates that “95% of populations do not and cannot think for themselves due to their strong herding algorithms.”

I also learned that these mind-control projects are conducted out of many different locations, often or perhaps always with no interaction between them. In other words, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

However, they do need to use extensive arrays of above-ground transmitters in order to broadcast the frequencies that are used to influence individual minds, or entire groups, populations, or even countries.

While I now suspect that 5G transmitters are the latest and perhaps most useful (to them) way of mind-hacking, the use of the HAARP array in Alaska also comes to mind.

HAARP is a weather control project which has been in use since 1993.

In doing some quick research on HAARP just now, especially looking for the patent holder, I discovered that it is also classified under this:-

 F41H13/0043 – Directed energy weapons, i.e. devices that direct a beam of high energy content toward a target for incapacitating or destroying the target.

Weapons which use an energy beam for achieving an effect on the target, as opposed to physical projectiles impacting the target.

That is the very definition of what the projects SATAN and CHRIST have been created to do.

They, and the many mind-control methods that the military and various agencies, such as the CIA, DOD, DARPA and more are using, literally target the human brain.

They can override a person’s thought processes to the extent that they can cause an individual to go on a killing spree .. or kill themeslves, which, as the authors point out, is either assassination, or murder, at a distance.

What this boils down to is that (in my view) most if not all of those individuals who have committed these mass shootings, and many if not all who have committed suicide, have been mind-hacked.

Naturally, if the shooters then claim they were hearing God talk to them, or voices in their head before they went postal, no-one is going to see them as anything but insane. And they are, even if only temporarily.

No-one will even think of the possibility that the real criminals, the real perpetrators, the real instigators of these false flag incidents, are acting at a distance – like a man at a keyboard controlling an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (a drone) and sending it to a target where it will blow up and destroy everything in sight.

The UAV is expendable.

So is the shooter.

Nor do I see it as a coincidence that there is an almost clockwork precision about the way in which these atrocities are instantly followed by yet another move toward gun control.

The shootings themselves are not just the result of the shooter being under mind control, the incident also serves as mind-control of the survivors, and then of those who are immediately exposed to media coverage.

It’s hard to imagine that there are computer repositories of millions of voices, names, profiles, shopping habits, genders (all 75 of them these days?), even family trees and personal relationships, but that is a fact, according to the authors of this book.

All of this trove of information is available for their use against us.

They can murder at a distance, imprint suicidal thoughts on individuals, and dumb down whomever and whatever they choose to target.

The authors themselves have worked on such projects for various agencies, and having exposed what is behind the black budget curtain, they now believe this technology could be used for the good of humanity.

Having not yet completed the book, I am not sure how that could come about, especially because this secretive “warfare” (and that’s what it is) is not only practised by the United States, other countries have similar programs.

Frankly, as I see it at present, unless the “White Hats” succeed in ridding the “Black Hats” from the military, government, and all its agencies, and on a worldwide basis, nothing short of divine intervention is going to release us from this mind-control technology.

OR – we can do our part for our own good by recognising the real dangers of the unseen unfelt frequencies which we are bathed in almost constantly.

Everything from microwave ovens to cell phones, television sets, computers in all their many forms, cell towers (5G and other frequencies), wifi and bluetooth devices, and probably a few that I haven’t thought of, are all being used by the dark forces to affect us physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Here in America, the Deep State Cabal is desperate to destroy the country, remove its Constitution and Bill of Rights, and have the nation absorbed into the New World Order.

That is one big reason why the turncoats and seditionists in politics have spent so much time trying to introduce all sorts of gun control measures.

The worst of them care not a jot for humanity. They only desire unfettered power and control. Therefore, they have no conscience when it comes to creating a false flag, such as the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11, or the increasing incidence of mass shootings.

While I have written in the past that – coincidentally – the shooters seemed to have created a page on one of the social networks, were also likely to be under psychiatric care, and on prescribed drugs, it never occurred to me, until now, that they were also literally being controlled from a distance through this technique of mind hacking.

I’ll conclude with a quote from the back cover:-

“Volume 2 details the CIA’s practices of interrogration and cybernetic mind control in their pursuit to weaponise neuropsychology.

“It covers the art of bio-communication war.

“Human beings are complex machines but their inner workings have been deciphered.

“Mind control and brainwashing have been perfected in the last 60 years.

“Hacking computers and hacking into individual minds are similar.

“The 21st Century will be known as the age of spiritual machines and soulless men.”


To learn more, you can check out the book on Amazon at this link.

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