First, a short no-commentary look at some Space Force (?) assets.

Space planes perhaps?

“I Come In Peace – To Maintain Peace.”

“I Came In Peace.” 3min.

Biden Goes Viral – 15secs

It’s all an act….

In Japan, the Jab has been called Murder – and they discuss it openly on television – with subtitles.

Japanese openly discuss serious jab effects. 2 min.

And in the next15 minutes, you will understand why there is a battle going on between Good and Evil. Evil is losing but this is what they’ve been up to.

The terrible multi-billion-dollar child trafficking trade is one thing – they are killed for their blood/aderenochrome.

However, as explained in the next 15 minute video, the rest of us are also targeted, either for death by way of vaccine=bioweapon genocide, or through ingesting chemtrail nanoparticles.

Perhaps a good note here is that Schwab is said to have stood down from the World Economic Forum. That’s the corrupt mainstream cover story. In fact he was kidnapped, taken to Guantanamo, where he died for lack of his adrenochrome fix.

But now, the Greg Reese report. It’s a good one. 15min.

Reporter Greg Reese is one of the best when it comes to the basics of honest journalism.

This Just In

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/20/2024 2:11 AM] Iranian President is NOT DEAD. He has multiple body doubles.

Trump being briefed about Iran right now. Putin has been briefed.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/21/2024 7:08 AM] Did JFK Jr. die from his plane crash?

Exposing Confidential Information. THE CLOCK IS TICKING. . . The New Republic of Iran has been born.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/22/2024 12:32 PM] False flags are imminent.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/23/2024 12:41 PM] George Soros is next… Public news to come.

Join Ezra A. Cohen (

There is a very pertinent “GhostEzra” post on this blog at this link:-

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  1. Shirley E Schutt Avatar
    Shirley E Schutt

    This Newsletter links are phenomenal…both of the videos are so well done…
    I’m sharing this with everyone I can….You’re doing a great job!!!
    Thank you….

  2. Shirley E Schutt Avatar
    Shirley E Schutt

    This Newsletter links are phenomenal…both of the videos are so well done…
    I’m sharing this with everyone I can….You’re doing a great job!!!
    Thank you….

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