Former Trump associate’s “Bombshell” post says prepare for the movie’s end – 9/14 days no Internet, cards won’t work, EBS activated, actors and traitors to be exposed.

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Michael Knight narrates former Trump Admin ‘s Ezra Cohen Watnik’s Posts about “The Movie.” The End is “Soon.”

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Michael Knight has a 60-year background as an honest newsman in all media.

He created his website, blog and video channels as a one-man operation to expose the Deep State through hundreds of videos and articles – not for his own benefit, but to help people who (like he once was) are looking for truthful and factual information about current events – and the “silent” war that seems to be tearing the world apart.

Fortunately, the news has an up side – the future will be much better – because people like you – and millions of others worldwide – are going through the shocks of self discovery – doing their own research and finding uncomfortable and sometimes shocking facts that need to be brought to light in order to put an end to the evil among us.

While this is a voluntary “labor of love” for humanity, an endeavor such as this does have consistent overheads, and Michael cannot afford to cover all costs personally – which he did for many years.

Therefore, although there is no obligation, donations definitely help keep the show on the road, especially for those who need this information in its free form but cannot afford to donate even if they wanted to.

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Be well – prepared.

Michael Knight

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5 responses to “Good-News-The-End-Is-Close-Prepare”

  1. Shirley E Schutt Avatar
    Shirley E Schutt

    Thank you Michael….I really appreciate your updates….I look forward to every one…

  2. Daniel Biskind Avatar
    Daniel Biskind

    Kia ora, Michael! TY for your great work! Warmest love and blessings, Daniel BISKIND 🇺🇸WWG 1 WGA👍👏🙌

  3. Eric Avatar

    Where did this information come from? A blog? An X account, where?

    1. Terryrose Avatar

      Yeah…I’d like to know too!!

  4. MAGATASTIC. Avatar

    Hello Michael, i’ll echo the top two comments!
    Loving your stuff since the YouTube days. It was your silky voice that first attracted me.
    It’s rich with many decades experience!
    Great work Brother!

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