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More Than One Warning


This short video is one of a number of similar expressions of concern about what might be the hidden agenda behind the upcoming test of the Emergency Broadcast System in America on Oct 4.

If it doesn’t happen then, the test would be done on Oct 11.

The general concern is that it is to be a cover for the broadcast of a particular frequency in association with the 5G system which will activate graphene particles and the nanotechnolgy that was inserted into those who took the Covid vax.

This, in turn, would give the Deep State/Black Hats remote control of their victims’ thoughts and behavior – hence the “zombie” generalisation.

I don’t want to make light of this at all, because it seems to me that the Deep State has been pre-conditioning the population, especially the most recent generations, with zombie memes and horror movies.

This would cause those so conditioned to subconsciously dismiss any suggestions or warnings that they might be in danger of becoming “zombified” themselves.

Oddly enough, the zombie theme even made its way into an RT report yesterday about the economy of Ukraine.


The opposing view or expectation is that the test will, or may, usher in major changes on the political front; perhaps even “soft martial law” and a new currency system. Possibly even forgiveness of all debt, public and private.

Naturally, I favored that concept, and have suggested in previous newsletters that we have time to be prepared for the worst – or the best – but that either way there could be some major disruptions to get through.

This is where I must admit to some really slow thinking.


While we do not have regular television, or cellphones, my idea of preparedness was that we should at least have a radio so we could listen to the emergency broadcast on the day.

Therefore I resurrected an old Kaito radio that uses rechargeable batteries, solar power, regular batteries, DC power, and/or a dynamo crank.

It has FM and AM as well as short wave – it’s a Prepper’s delight – although listening to the NPR news parroting the official lies (“only 95 people known to have died in the Lahaina wildfires – with some still unaccounted for”) is a constant reminder that propaganda, fear and false flags are the real weapons of the enemy.

Last night, the penny finally dropped.

Yes, having a radio like that is an excellent idea.

But why do I want to listen to this emergency broadcast anyway?

Whether the outcome is good, or bad, it’s going to be one or the other whether I listen or not!

So we won’t be listening.

That decision took a load off my mind, and put me in the mood to play a game with meme-maker -V-.

I did this one.

And -V- did this one.

And someone did this one

Followed By This One

And then there was this one

And I Took Time To Listen To This One

It’s a very good report about how President Trump planned and still plans to drain the swamp – including its thousands of unelected civil servants who make so many rules and dictates that they are in effect a shadow ghovernment.

Trump planned this before the last election. He signed an Executive Order – which Biden nullified as soon as he got a chance – but which President Trump plans to resurrect once this fake regime is gone.


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