North Star Headline News March 17 2024

Immigrant Gangs. West Coast EQ Preps. Royal Satanism? Trump + Traitors/And About That Jab.

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US News

Armed Haitian Gangs in Florida.

Video:- Aside from literally millions of people from over 100 countries invading the United States because of an open southern border policy by the Biden administration, a group of invaders from Haiti has been intercepted by the Coast Guard off of Florida.

Meanwhile, FL cops have made at least 25 arrests.

BTW, the msm (mainstream media) would tell us that a cannibal by the name of BBQ is responsible for an attempted coup in Haiti. Meanwhile, a social media source says he was a cop, and got the nickname Barbecue (BBQ) because as a kid he spent time on the streets with his mother, who had a barbecue on which she cooked on the spot – no doubt for tourists and hungry Haitians.

Nevertheless, Haiti has long been a central locus for the Clintons and their child trafficking operation. Not to mention that they stole billions in donations that were intended to help Haitians rebuild after their devastating earthquake. Fortunately, HRC is dead.

Military Preps For Massive West Coast Quake

I know, I know…we’ve heard it all before.

But this time, I’ve heard it from several different sources – one of whom has absolutely undeniable knowledge of the way events are unfolding in this unconventional war between two mostly hidden factions.

One is known as TPTB (The Powers That Be) in the older jargon, but now often referred to as the Illuminati, Cabal, Khazarian Mafia, and Black Hats. “The Swamp” is as good an appelation as any.

The other side in this worldwide silent war is often referred to as the White Hats – with “Q” having been one of them – and got the ball rolling when it comes to “The Great Awakening.” That’s the umbrella reference for the fact that literally millions of people, worldwide, are waking up to the reality that we have been enslaved in multiple ways for generations.

Now, in regards to the military prepping for a major quake on the US West Coast – the Black Hats have the technolgy to make that happen. And because they’re losing the war, they’re doing everything they can to kill as many of us as they can before the world finds out who and what is behind the curtain – and the final curtain comes down – for them.

Therefore, I for one, having also experienced several and reported on a few eathquakes myself, am taking this report with no grain of salt required.

Naturally, and as a matter of fact, many will blow it off while others will do nothing except say they have “no choice” when it comes to changing their circumstances. However, it’s my considered opinion that the use of the phrase “I have no choice” has been deliberately drummed into millions of television watchers as part of the silent mind control campaign by those Black Hats over many years. In my opinion, to say “I have no choice,” is a choice in itself – a choice to play the victim, and to do nothing.

Our choice (wifey and me) has been to get well away from the coast , and well away from any city. That said, we also respect the right of everyone else to make their own decisions.

Now here’s the video report.

A Right Royal Mystery – Satanism Involved?

There are discussions on Social Media saying Kate Middleton – Duchess of something in the UK Royal family – has been killed in a Satanic ritual, which is why she has not been seen in public at all this year.

Knowing what I do after years of due diligence on the subject of Satan worship, and the sick propensities of Prince Andrew and the now King Charles, that strikes me as a potential truth – but once again, it’s honest to say there’s always more to the story.

However, in this instance, the “more” is getting really weird.

In an effort to quash public speculation about her wherabouts, The Palace has claimed she underwent surgery and is recuperating. And then, they put out a picture of her and her three children.

BUT – it turned out to be a total fake – and “The Benny Show,” here in America, has done a great job of showing just how fake it was.

Social Media

FYI is the acronym – For Your Information.

Black smoke is when the Pope dies.

Putin wins election and already spoke to Trump.

The pope is dead. This is a body double.

550,000? What if it is more likely to be in the millions? President Trump certainly promoted the jab, often. And even though he sometimes mentioned people’s right of free will and the right to choose, I doubt we’ve seen the last of this subject.

Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead

It must be said that the Black Hats have very black hearts.

They murder whistleblowers – which appears to be the case here. Barnett had testified about safety shortfalls at Boeing – which has had a recent spate of serious mishaps.

The msm has reported that he committed suicide.

A post I’ve seen (but did not record at the time) says his death was ordered by Nikki Haley.

I’m treating that as nothing but an allegation – no proof involved. But I also did an instant search for “Haley/Boeing” because I was wondering….ifshe did order his demise (and I’m not saying she did) could she have been receiving funds from Boeing for her campaign for the presidency?

What surprised me was that I found she was appointed to the Boeing board in 2019.

In this case, it’s fair to say there definitely is more to the story.

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