King Charles And The Grim Reaper

It’s hard to believe the Grim Reaper appeared at the coronation of King Charles – but here’s the proof.

The Grim Reaper at King Charles inauguration

That’s a freeze-frame I took from an 8 second clip playing on the GhostEzra Telegram channel.

The Grim Reaper is believed to be a harbinger of death, and of course one could argue that this image, especially on the moving footage of the video itself, might just be a Computer Generated Image (or CGI). However, I watched the coronation broadcast as it happened – and this figure certainly did pass by the door.

The obvious question, once one gets over the surprise, is “who set that up, and why?”

We have to take a step or two back into Charles’ past to begin to conect some dots.

For starters, there have always been two polar opposites when it comes to royalty – those who love them, and those who don’t. Those who don’t, have very good reasons for their opinion, because there’s something about Charles, and Royalkty in general, that most certainly deserves the attention of The Grim Reaper.

Naturally, royalty has also been grist for the mill of what used to be called the gutter journalism papers. Those are the ones that print what most decent people don’t read, or do not want to believe. Yet sometimes, their outrageous articles are eventually shown to be based in truth.

The Globe published this article in November 2022, and the cover image was posted by Edward Snowden on his Telegram channel.

On another channel, we find this.

No, not exactly – there’s evidence that the accident was preplanned and carefully played out, while Princess Diana disappeared from public view and, you might say, lived happily ever after.

Princess Diana survived crash

Older APrincess Diana

Diana is also credited with the following statement

Which brings us back to Charles, who would become King, but not for very long.

That is the message inherent in a visit by The Grim Reaper.

Prince Charles pedophile

Princess Diana in nheaven

King Charles admits related to Dracula

Charles is/was “One of the biggest sex traffickers in the world” ???

There are videos on line of the then Prince Charles admitting to being descended from Dracula, and owning property in Transylvania. As for the pedophile and child trafficking charges, and the eventual visit by The Grim Reaper….well, he was certainly close friends with the late BBC personality, Jimmy Savile, who was a lifelong pedophile who preyed on hundreds of children. (Which the BBC must have known about, but did nothing about it anyway).

Prince Charled pedophile with Jimmy Savile pedophile

The Grim Reaper took Savile some time ago – and according to very recent posts on Telegram, King Charles III has now joined him.

Good v Evil

Just as lies can be perpetrated by mixing them with a modicum of truth, evil, especially of the worst kind, has been hidden for ages behind the pretense of doing good.

Bill Gates hides evil within good

It may be a shock to learn that royalty, in many countries, as well as many politicians, celebrities and some of the very rich are pedophiles of the very worst kind. Practically all of them are Satanists who sexually abuse young children, terrify them to the point of death, and harvest their blood which they drink for its adrenochrome content. Many are also cannibals.

These practices have been going on worldwide for decades, even centuries. But in recent years another worldwide phenomenon has occurred – an anonymous group collectively known as White Hats has been working behind the scenes to eliminate this scourge, the “Black Hats” and these Satan-worshipping child traffickers.

It is a war between Good and Evil, and it is reaching a climax.

White Hats have slowly but surely been gaining the upper hand, but not without some serious setbacks as the Black Hats have had centuries to infiltrate and control governments, agencies and international corporations. They have built underground cities and a vast network of tunnels. They have their adherents in the military ranks and within major military contracting companies.

Thus, they do have some of the deadliest black project weapons on the planet. Directed Energy Weapons (aka DEWs) are one example. They were used to wipe out the township of Lahaina on the Maui island of Hawaii. They dothis as agents of the New World Order and the World Economic Forum.

Their agenda is to replace what they’ve destroyed with their “15-minute cities,” in whch you’ll “own nothing, but be happy.”

Lahaina destroyed by DEW weapons

Since the election of President Trump in 2016, with his promise to “drain the swamp”, and then the advent of the enigmatic, mysterious entity known as “Q,” literally millions of people around the globe have become part of what’s called The Great Awakening. Those millions now know that the Black Hats, also known as the Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia, the Illuminati and other titles, are at war with humanity itself.

The Black Hats/cabal are losing, but causing as much destruction as they can before their final demise.

Red Castle – Green Castle – Chess Castle

Believe it or not, behind the scenes thousands of indictments have been secretly sealed, while past Q drops have included coded references to castles, and the colors red and green. Red usually indicates wait for the green – the go signal. Green is said to indicate that the green light has been given for the arrest, trial and even execution of certain high-level pedophiles, child killers, and Satanistas.

This image comes from among the thousands of posts made on the Q channel in the past.

Red Castle Green castle

If it were a game of chess, it would look like this.

Rules of Castling

There was a time when the White House looked like this.

White House in red

Trump at red white house

And someone made the above image .

But more recently, January 27, 2024, it looked like this

White House green

At time of writing, February 11, 2024, there have been no obvious signs or reports of public arrests by the military. Nevertheless, that does not necessarily mean they are not underway.

Military making arrests

Assuming that is now happening, we certainly won’t be hearing about it on the mainstream media

And then this was posted byGhostEzra

Emergency Broadcast system alert

That hasn’t happened, so far, and since previous similar notices appeared, but nothing happened then, we’ll have to wait and see if the White Hats pull it off this time.

But who might “Ghost Ezra” actually be?

Here’s a likely candidate from another Telegram channel.

Ezra Cohen GhostEzra

It was GhostEzra who originally posted the Grim Reaper image.

 The Grim Reaper at the door

And Now We Have This

Buckingham Palace in green

Now What?

Frankly, I do not know.

Like almost everyone else, I am but an observer, from a distance, of this global game of chess. It has also been likened to a movie, with actors and doubles and clones and masked leading players playing different parts, while we are encouraged to sit back and eat popcorn.

I don’t like popcorn, and I prefer action movies, not long drawn-out dramas that move slower than molasses going uphill.

That said, common sense dictates that, be this a movie or a game of chess we’re watching, spectators cannot predict what moves the actors or players will make. Therefore, today’s recounting of just some of what is happening, might as well conclude with this GhostEzra post of just a few minutes ago.

And this came in by email right after this article was published.

Commander Val Thor~~New Intel Regarding the EBS: (1-20-24)

     “The EBS was planned to be released on 2-3 separate dates over the past year, but was thwarted by Black Hats Via “Timeline Disruption Operations” using Cabal “limited” Time-Travel Technology. The White Hats are more technically-advanced in Time Travel and have been going back in time to thwart Cabal disruptions and meld the two timelines. The EBS in now imminent. Global Militaries are now repositioning themselves in 22 time zones in preparation for this impending event and EBS alert.” 

“All nuclear missiles have been disarmed. All nuclear missiles launched by submarines can be disarmed by the Light Beings within seconds of their launch. There will be NO NUCLEAR WAR!!! This is a scare event only to help wake up those still asleep.”

Michael Knight is the author of President Trump and the New World Order.

Michael Knight book President Trump and the New World Order

As you can see, that prophecy was fulfilled a month later when the plane that was taking Trump from New York to his inauguration was buzzed by UFOs. I personally snagged that image from footage taken by a FOX10 news crew that followed them out of New York.

You can read a review and purchase the book via my shop at this link.


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