The Toronto Protocols And The Great Reset


This pdf booklet (58 pages and 12,000 words) reveals how a meeting of the “6.6.6.” in 1967 set the groundwork for what is known today as The Great Reset.

It is fully illustrated to show how that agenda has been implemented to the point that those who would establish a New World Order (aka The Great Reset as they call it)  have all but achieved their goals – which can only be stymied IF enough people become aware of that agenda.

It is in Portable Document Format (pdf) which requires software such as Adobe pdf Reader (or similar) to view – but more importantly, that file type has been deliberately used so that, once you have downloaded it, you can then freely pass on copies by email to others free being the operative word. pdf files do not gather viruses or malware during transmission over the Internet by email. Further, the original remains on your computer.

The majority of the text is a record of a meeting of Globalists in Toronto, Canada, in 1967, and another in 1985. But the illustrations – dozens of them – reveal precisely how recent and current events prove that their agenda is currently well entrenched, not only  in America, but throughout the world.

This includes the current pandemic, recent moves by the present US administration, and the way this pandemic has been used by Deep State individuals not only to amass personal fortunes, but also to further the “6.6.6.” goal of global dominance.

You are invited to purchase this short book right now and to pass on free copies of the PDF to others. 

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