Graphene Oxide Removal – A Protocol


This special PDF edition of Michael Knight’s North Star Newsletter is devoted to the subject of vaccines and how independent scientists have discovered a nanoparticle called graphene oxide in the injections.

This has been proven to be responsible for the onset of serious after-effects – known as Vaccine Adverse Events – among thousands who have received the jab.

As well as clearly showing exactly what these scientists have found in blood samples under their research microscopes – with graphic images – the report includes a suggested protocol that has been shown to remove graphene oxide from those who have taken the vaccine.

It is in pdf (portable document format) which can be downloaded and filed on your computer – and you are then encouraged to send as many copies as you wish to others as an email attachment.

You will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat or similar to read the file. Adobe is free at this link



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