Witness” (self-described ‘actor and insurrectionist’ Nick Searcy) tells committee “Kiss My….” ….then makes a top level video from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Scroll through to see what’s on offer here. The videos vary in topic, and length so you have choices. Personally, I consider the Solar Storm information to be most relevant right now.

At a time when America was developing the telegraph network across the country, something now referred to as The Carrington Event saw a CME/Solar Storm hook into the telegraph wires.

Some operators were thrown off their chairs by the ensuing shocks. So it’s not beyond possible for these incoming CMEs to hit the millions of miles of overhead power lines around the world, and cause transformers to burn out.

One must also surely hope that nuclear power plants have their own ways of preparing for such a potential.

Capitol Punishment – The J6 Backstory

Capitol Punishment – J6 Truths – Including FBI Raid Footage.

It was very interesting to see Ashli Babbit speaking to camera while in the march…and to later discover the following video which – frame by frame – shows major discrepancies, including fake blood, at the scene of her “shooting” in the Capitol. Maybe that’s why the Security guy who “shot” her was never charged? He may have been shooting a blank….

There has been so much fakery surrounding the JaySix situation, this video shows it could well have been prescripted.

Solar Storm Incoming – Disguised EMP Attack?

Additional info and sun shots on spaceweather.com

LEVEL 5 SOLAR STORM + 7th X-Flare Blasts at Earth 1:00 viewing length

NOAA holds briefing about upcoming severe solar storm

In Other News…..

From RT – “Poke the bear and find out: Here’s why the West should finally listen to Russia’s warnings.”

Read More

Pascal Najadi w/ Lt. Col. Riccardo Bossi/TRUTH SPECIAL: ASCENSION DAY/5-8-24/A 5-STAR MUST-SEE VIDEO!! Please view following notes….

OMG! Another truly mind-blowing, incredible and inspirational video from Pascal!!! I will list only a few of the amazing highlights (about 50%) that I can remember, but I STRONGLY encourage you to view this complete video:

1)Julian Assange is a hero/Was never in prison/part of USSF Special Ops

2) Vaxx statistics a lie/Over 1 billion deaths and countless others seriously injured/damaged!

3) “Operation Storm” in play/Mayday arrived 

4) 8 million children/year trafficked/murdered

5) Tribunals/Many yet to be arrested, but most evil leaders gone (HRC, Obama, Zelensky, many more, as well as many foreign leaders (too many to list))

6) ALL ROYALS have been executed!

7) DIANA (Queen of Hearts) very much alive and will return!

8) PRESIDENT KENNEDY IS VERY MUCH ALIVE! (And we all know JFK, Jr. is ALIVE, as well!)

9) FAKE recent Solar Eclipse/USSF created the visuals/NASA removed

10) CERN/WH’S control CERN/On Eclipse day (4-8), WH’s fired up CERN and created a wormhole/Removed the Khazarian Nazi timeline and created GOD’S timeline/We will gradually realize/experience the increased God frequency/Our 3rd Eye will open/We can activate ALL PAST KNOWLEDGE (stored in our Chromosomes), etc., etc. And so much more will now manifest for us! 

11) Over 8 million yet to be executed/Tribunals

12) Zelensky executed long ago/”Ukraine War” is over and has been for some time

13) Many Doctors will eventually be executed for pushing the vaxx

14) Financial Crash Imminent! Many Bankers will be executed.

15) In the very near future after the EBS,Tribunals, executions being shown to all/Military will temporarily take over everywhere. The U.S. Law of 1776 will become the Law of the Land where the Constitution Rules! During this time, judges, lawyers will be retrained in Constitutional Law, etc. This will not take years, but will happen quickly, as the WH Alliance, Military have been preparing the way for a rapid transition to our new Constitutional Gov’t. We will be amazed at how quickly things progress in our country!

Okay, there’s more, but that’s all I can immediately recall at this time. It’s here for you…Go for it, if you so choose….Over and out, Linda 

A Book By Michael Knight

Paperback and Kindle versions available on Amazon – with a “look inside” feature as well.


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