Israel Hamas War And What-The-Fake-News

In the Israel Hamas war America’s National Public Radio is reporting that 24 journalists have been killed by Israel in Gaza since October 7.

This includes the entire family of an Al Jazeera News journalist who, like the others, was covering the war on the ground in Gaza.

The Al Jazeera individual interviewed by NPR said these were deliberate assassinations by Israeli snipers activated when the conflict started with the incursion into Israel by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

He also said “smart bombs” and missiles had been used, using GPS coordinates – no doubt by secretly monitoring the cell phones with their ever-present GPS app installed.

However, not all journalists, or media outlets, are as honest as they would like us to believe.

This is so true in regards to what’s happening in the Middle East – a conflict that is bound to escalate – with the regular Western media focused on only one side of the issue.

the Israel Hamas war – and many previous wars and falseflag events – have seen the mainstream media engage many times in what we could describe as manipulative fakery..

And as a retired international reporter with decades of experience behind me, I know of what I speak. And I abhor the practise.

The mainstream media – particularly those in the West reporting on the Israel Hamas war has been owned and used for decades by the NWO/WEF to control the public narrative.

This is designed to mold public opinion by doing their utmost to control what we think.

There are genuine examples of their long history of fakery in this video, which uses mainstream footage recorded in the first days of the Israel Hamas war, and footage from a much earlier time as well.

After all, the first casualty of war is always truth.

In this video you will see and understand how and why it is done.

This will enlarge when you click on it, and I’d recommend you use the full screen option if you’re watching on a PC.

Fake News Reports by the mainstream media in the Israel Hamas war.

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