Gallows At GITMO

The only thing missing in this movie that I seem to be trapped in, is the woman in red.

But Do I Regret Taking the Red Pill?

Absolutely Not

Because if I’d stuck with the blue pill, I’d know nothing about the prison facilities and gallows at Guantanamo Bay; that they have been upgraded to the tune of about $100.000.000, and that Guantanamo, along with two other Navy bases are where past present and future Military Tribunals are taking care of the wicked.

Nor would I have heard from various sources that future tribunals are scheduled to be broadcast live – about which we may have doubts, although as Q has often said, “future proves past.”

Guantanamo Bay – GITMO – An Aerial View

Nor would I have learned that a certain Satanic individual met her demise there – and not before time.

This meme claims that she went there on November 8, 2020.

Cloning Around

Sorry About That

The above image posted by SGAnon on Telegram seems to indicate that HRC – and probably BC – are now either clones or doubles.

So this would be a good time to watch a short video from June 2021.

You won’t find it on YouTube, because they terminated that account – as they did with mine prior to the 2020 election.

I lost 20,000 subscribers and over 100 video reports which had had over a million views.

Thank God for Bitchute and Rumble..

You can still find it on Bitchute, where David Straight talks about Gitmo, Guam, and Diego Garcia, HRC’s execution, the arrest of 95 pedophiles, and child abuse in Utah.

He also mentions the fact that 35 journalists were selected to attend military tribunal trials at Guantanamo Bay.

I suspect one of them probably writes for Real Raw News; I saw a Guntanomo Bay location reference, as if he were located there, on one of his articles, but on rechecking, it seems to have been deleted.


IAP Wins Potential $172M Contract to Help Operate Navy Base in Guam

May 28, 2021 Contract Awards, News IAP Worldwide Services will provide operating support services to a U.S. Navy installation located in Guam under a potential $171.8 million contract that…

Pentagon Building New Secret Courtroom at Guantánamo Bay

Dec 29, 2021WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is building a second courtroom for war crimes trials at Guantánamo Bay that will exclude the public from the chamber, the latest move toward secrecy in the nearly…


Anyway, take a minute or two to listen to David Straight.

Now, Gitmo In Images

And Breaking The Matrix

Where Is It?

This is one of those MAGA/Q memes, but you get the picture.

And These Are Real

Under construction for Military Tribunals

There are gallows in there somewhere

20,000 people attended the last public hanging in America in 1936

But after the Nuremberg Trials In 1946….

Deja Vu?

Last Word

Learn More

After being banned by YouTube, Facebook, Mailchimp, Amazon and Patreon, I refused to quit – I have since posted many videos on my alternative channels on Rumble and Bitchute.

I may be a past professional in all media over many decades, but when it comes to telling the truth and the facts about current events, especially in a world where the Satanic child traffickers are being exposed, there is no time for retirement.

I do not do this for fame or fortune – been there, done that.

I do what I do to help others learn and understand the state of the world as it is, rather than as the spinmeisters of mainstream media would have you suckered into believing.

The more knowledge we have, the better choices we can make.

My Bitchute Channel

If I were new, I’d start with the video in which Tucker Carlson reveals the true state of America. It’s titled “The Invasion of America.” And it really is an invasion – which could well result in civil war and revolution, including bringing down the whole house of cards, worldwide, before the dust settles.

On Rumble it had over 1000 views in the first 24 hours.

Full Rumble channel archive – Features all past videos by subject

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