What’s The Fake News Media Up To?

For this one, I’m just the middleman. This is a series of clips from mainstream reports – plus some thoughts by a truther from the alternative media.

Being prepared for an emergency, at all times, is common sense, but the strange thing about this imminent eclipse is that so many states have declared states of emergency, some have called out the National Guard, while one report (not included) says at least one hospital has been preparing for a YEAR. Also not included are reports that CERN – the Hadron Collider – is about to be fired up as well. Will that open portals and import demons (some fear so) or will it shift the entire planet onto a new timeline?

Will Planet X, aka Nibiru, suddenly be visible? Who knows. Or is it like the planet Vulcan that Astronomers stopped talking about years ago, because it would appear and disappear – which at least one super-experienced physicist and mathematician magician, David Sereda, says is because the math proves that Nibiru (and Vulcan) are antimatter planets. Don’t ask me to explain that, because all that comes to mind is that they operate on a “now you see me, now you don’t” cycle through our solar system. You can see his interview with Kerry Cassidy at the link below the video showing the paths of three recent and, he says, significant eclipses. If you’re a math or numbers person, which I am not, you’ll love it. I found it mind-expanding anyway.

A 4.8 earthquake near Donald Trump’s golf course – and New York – last Monday is indeed a very rare event , and perhaps that’s what triggered a Fox Frontman to say we should expect an “eclipse earthquake” – and that’s surprising because news readers almost always are reading a prepared and vetted script from a teleprompter. To go off the reservation, so to speak, and ad lib somethjing like that, is certainly cause for pause.

I have also added a couple of images following the video.

Expect an earthquake associated with the eclipse? Amazing!

David Sereda Interview with Kerry Cassidy

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Be well.

Take Care – And Be Prepared.

Love To All

Michael Knight

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One response to “Eclipse-Earthquakes-Or-Fearporn?”

  1. Val Anderson Avatar
    Val Anderson

    I think we done been punked, ain’t we? lol The last guy on there was making sense

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