And Lo – A Black One

Escaped horses in London signal the death of a monarch – a family of ill repute – and monsters in the forests – with staircases going nowhere. It’s about Good and Evil.

Was it blood or red paint, or perhaps the fake blood used by actors in false flag events that colored the chest and leg of the pale horse?

As the world goes through a silent but vicious war between Good and Evil, this incident signals, to those who know, that the evil side is losing, big time.

To many, the world is also experiencing the Biblical End Times, as prophecied in the Book of Revelation.

The articles and videos in this blog are therefore insights into current events, but also a record for the ages. Be sure to play your part in the war between Good and Evil. As the concluding song says, “when you know, you know,” and that leads to the demise of evil, the arrest and elimination of tyrants – and above all, the end of the wicked child trafficking trade.

That, ultimately, is what this blog is about – professional articles and videos that help us all understand the Big Picture – both sides of the good and evil – with the goal of saving chidren. Subscribe to this blog, and please share article links with others.

A Book By Michael Knight

If you’re open to the idea of Divine Intervention, especially in these troubled days when as far as I’m concerned it can’t happen soon enough, and may indeed happen sooner than we can imagine, this book may be a key to better understanding current events. It already has around 500 good reviews from verified customers.

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