500,000-Sealed-Indictments-And-Biden-Unmasked-Plus Clones

This first video is a three way discussion about sealed indictments. It offers a great explanation about what they are, as well as being a heads up as to what may be coming by way of televised trials of Deep State individuals.

And the next video – which is brilliant – tells us about quite a few of those, who have probably already been served with a sealed indictment, made a deal and are still around, at least until they get their final Gitmo tour.

The video also suggests why the Republican National Committee should move its convention to July 4th – Independence Day – before President Trump’s sentence is finally announced on July 11.

The third video augments the first two. It’ll make you wonder how many politicians have already been served with a sealed indictment, and how many are clones!

Sealed Indictments – The Real Deal

I always had my doubts about sealed indictments, but this put that to rest.

The Deep State is in for a Deep Dive.

One gets the impression that many of those we see in the media may already be the sub ject of a sealed indictment, made a deal, and now carry on the public charade that is designed to wake more and more people up – until the final curtain comes down and their sealed indictment is unsealed and they face real justice.

Learning takes time, but it is time well spent. Especially when it involves a video created by a master of the craft.

Biden unmasked – literally. And many others to come. Clones included,

Speaking of masters of the craft, those who made this one about clones are Masters indeed.

From Dolly to The Last Waltz Of The Tyrants

I believe the narrator made a significant point (among many others) in noting that Dolly was cloned from adult DNA, rather than a stem cell.

A snippet of adult DNA could be likened to taking picture, or making a 3D hologram, of the original person.

Being from adult DNA, the clone would have all the looks, likes, and personality of the original – up to a point. They tell me we humans are “carbon based,” so a clone is in effect a carbon copy, although not all copies are perfect. Other sources say clones may be missing genitalia, or are perhaps flat-footed. And, like Dolly the sheep, they also have a less than average lifespan.

It also seems logical to conclude that both the Black Hats and the White Hats have such technology.

The following linked art icle is about a Black Hat facility in Ukraine which was cloning President Trump and other US enemies of the Deep State. President Putin had it bombed out of existence. And he also destroyed many bio(weapon)labs there that were funded by the Pentagon, and the corrupt Biden family – but that’s another, true, story.


There are times I have had to say to myself, “the fact that I have chosen not to believe it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

What does seem to be true is that we’re all living in a world where anything is possible – including the unbelievable.

For Instance … now that I know that clonng humans has been going on for a while, I’ve had to suspend my disbelief, in particular after previously completely dsimissing the idea that President Trump has had himself cloned.

They say the original has been living in Cheyenne Mounatain, while one clone is out there doing all those rallies and court cases, and another is at Mar-a-Largo.

I’m even tempted to wonder if this is a family affair…

Yes indeed, there is always more to the story.

But that’s enough for now

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