Carlson -Putin Interview Highlights

Did Putin Sneak In A CQded Message?

On checking the Internet for reactions to the historic interview between Tucker Carlson and President Putin, this post on X/Twitter caught my eye.

It’s certainly not the sort of response one might expect from the legacy media.

This would have to be from someone who has been following the Q drops and coded moments that have often been hidden in the open, so to speak. In this case, there’s an understanding, based on Q posts and images over many years, that Putin is actually a “White Hat” dedicated to taking down the Cabal, aka The New World Order, including the World Economic Forum.

Although Tucker asked several times who Putin might see as the root cause behind the actions of NATO, the US and the West in general, Putin did not “go there” with specifics. But having analysed the hundreds of Q posts myself, and seen the way there is indeed a many-faceted code language going on, I was nevertheless intrigued to see the above images posted so soon after the interview.

If you’re new to this subject, the short version is that coded messages, also known as comms (for communications) can be embedded in numbers. For example, “Q” is the 17th letter of the alphabet. It has been noted that President Trump has said “17” on countless occasions, which we could say is a verbal comm indicating his personal involvement or at least recognition of Q and the millions who are said to be Qanons. Within the thousands of Q posts, although he is never named, Trump is also considered to be the “Q+” that is used in many drops. Comms can also be perceived within hand gestures, such as the “air Q” – the way President Trump sometimes points and circles his hand in his own way. He has done this many times at the many rallies attended by people holding Q placards.

Coded comms can also be embedded in images, including apparel, such as the ones below.

We might assume that the passing of the ball from Putin to Trump suggests “the ball’s in your court,” but it might also mean “let’s play a game” – which is another Q phrase used from time to time. However, there’s so much in the way of clickbait on the Internet these days, I decided to see whether the post about Putin and the watch was true or not. Because I recorded the full interview as it was broadcast, I was able to do just that.

So it’s the truth and not clickbait at all. But how Putin would know that precisely 17 seconds had passed is probably not a mystery at all. He must have been looking at his watch while Tucker was asking his first question (duh!).

It’s also fair to ask why there was a pen on the table in the first place, since Putin would have no use for it during an interview. Putin then circled his right wrist with his left hand and briefly masssaged the spot where the watch had been. It would be pure speculation to say that was also a coded signal saying it’s time to go full throttle. But it might be?

Biolabs And Tunnels

Neither Putin nor Carlson said anything about US-funded biolabs in Ukraine, which have all been destroyed by Russian missiles. Nor were underground child trafficking tunnels and facilities mentioned. However, other reliable sources have said many children have been rescued by both Russian Spetznaz and US Special Forces working together – and that work is ongoing in tunnels worldwide.

Money laundering is another reason for Ukraine’s existence – and just one of the reasons why super-crooked politicians in the West have prolonged the war well beyond the time when it could have been over. Putin reveals in the interview that a peace treaty was negotiated, Ukraine’s representative had signed it – and then British PM Boris Johnson stepped in and suddenly peace was off the table, and continuing war and slaughter was guaranteed.

The war could have been over 18 months ago! But no (my words) although half a million Ukrainians have been killed in the past two years, the West is willing to fight right down to the last Ukrainian’s funeral.

Putin says quite frequently during the interview that Ukraine’s President Zelensky has decreed there should be no negotiations with Russia – even though, as Putin repeats, Russia is available for negotiations at any time – and as far as the West is concerned, they could help end the war simply by stopping their supply of taxpayer billions and arms and munitions to Ukraine.

Shafted By The West

This is not the place to run the interview in full. There are excerpts in a short Benny Show clip below. However, Tucker was correct when he introduced the interview, saying these are the sincere beliefs of President Putin (and some are historical facts which cannot be disputed). For instance, as the Cold War ended and NATO was established, Russia was promised that the NATO countries would not expand toward Russia’s borders. That promise was broken five times. NATO, which dances to the tune of the United States, was inching ever closer to Russia. Having broken many promises, and then by scuttling peace agreement negotriations, the West was obviously to be seen as an untrustworthy adversary.

The West was responsible for the 2014 coup in Ukraine which enabled the rise to state level of the Nazi factions which Zelensky, and even Canada, have openly embraced. Any peace agreement should include the removal of any Nazi influence at the state level, says Putin, adding that Ukraine canned the Minsk agreement in order, as NATO leaders like Merkel have since said, to build up mits military assets. One of them was the Nazi brigade, which worships those of the German SS (such as Bandera) who slaughtered ten s of thousands of civilians.

Zelensky, said Putin, is a Jew whose father fought against the Nazis in “the Great Patriotic War” (Russia’s term for WW2). Zelensky was also elected on a platform promising peace with Russia – but once elected he decided to change his tune (my words) for a variety of reasons. Putin sees the elimination of any Nazi influence at the government level in Ukraine as a prerequiste for any peace negotiations. He also suggested – after reiterating that it was Zelensky and the West that have scuttled any such discussions to date – that Zelensky should be trying something in secret to reestablish a dialogue. One might hope that The West has taken note of that comment – but I for one am not holding my breath. Although, on second thoughts, that might have been Putin letting the West know that he is aware that secret negotiations, or at least discussions between all those who are going broke backing Ukraine, are already under way.

What’s Next?

Immediately after this interview was aired on Tucker Carlson’s channel, a kamikaze drone hit an oil refinery in Russia. Not near Moscow, but in another city. It was reported, with video, by the UK Sun – which means thatb report just might be true – or false. Whatever the case, the report says there was a massive fire, which has since been brought under control.

Zelensky is also reported to have fired and replaced his top generals – probably because they were honest enough to tell him they were getting nowhere against Russia, and the continuing loss of Ukrainian soldiers in “the frontline meat grinder” makes it impossible to succeed with any form of counteroffensive.

Putin made the point that the imposition of sanctions by the West, America in particular, has been totally counterproductive. Being sanctioned against using the US dollar for international trade has actually seen many countries establish alternative trading arrangements – and Russia is thriving economically, while the US dollar and a 33 trillion dollar US debt is set to see America’s world influence and control via the dollar, continue to collapse.

On the war front, with no sign of the West ready for a negotiated peace, it is inevitable that Russia will (at least in my armchair quarterbacking of what Russia should do!) go on the offensive itself, and not stop till Ukraine, including Kiev, is once more a part of Russia – which it was for decades, if not hundreds of years.

Genetic Engineering

Such an offensive might even include the use of genetically engineered super-soldiers.

Putin did not say that, specifically, but he did say the advances in genetic engineering do enable the creation of super soldiers and super atheletes – and the technology, he said, needs to be discussed internationally in order to put boundaries and adequate checks and balances in place.

As for Elon Musk recfently implanting a chip in someone’s brain, Putin (who said Musk can do whatever he wants) said this technology also needs careful scrutiny and international agreements. (The implant, by the way, was into the brain of a physically disabled person. It is intended to interface with brain neurons and the nervous system so the recipient can regain control of her/his limbs).

Two things I would note personally. International agreements are too often merely covers for the true agenda behind those who promote them. Putin might be sincere about this issue, but I have no doubt that when Dolly the sheep was first cloned, and the world went wild over “ensuring international standards” the Deep State was already cloning people, and genetically engineering other forms of life – such as monsters that some have seen in the forests of the world.

They might even account for the disappearance of people in National parks and forests – or the imposition of no-go zones in some of them.

I also believe Putin’s open statement that genetic engineering has reached very advanced levels, adds credence to the fact that there are many clones running around in this world – and quite a few can be found in political establishments. Others are a cross between reptilian and human DNA, hence we have shapeshifters – but that’s another story.

As far as I know, or suspect, the human clones have replaced the original, who may have gone into hiding, been arrested, possibly tried, imprisoned, and perhaps lynched. Others use clones to let them get off the radar. Celebrities (film stars) are believed to have done that. Clones, as far as I know, have no soul, so if they drop dead or hit their “use by” date and start going wonky, as some do, their demise is not to be lamented. Nor should one lament the demise of anyone involved in the pedophilia, human trafficking, child killing, and the adrenochrome harvesting trade.


Naturally, we can expect the Deep State Western media to do whatever it can to denigrate both Carlson and Putin. This is the UK Sun for instance.

I did read that Tucker went to London to see Assange, and that he also wanted to interview Zelensky, but all I found about that was this image – supposedly from an official Ukraine agency (which I cannot confirm). He was put on a kill list.


Finally, The Interview Highlights

From The Benny Show

(screen enlarges when you click the play arrow).

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Best wishes.


Michael Knight

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