Trump Indictment Analysis

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

The Trump indictment has led SGAnon to say in his File 47 that Trump’s arrest has been required in order to set a precedent so other criminal heads of state and those at administrative levels can also be arrested…and eventually tried by military tribunals.

He speaks of Nuremberg 2.0 – trials reminiscent of those held after World War 2…but adds that in those trials, certain individuals were sacrificed by the Illuminati controllers of world events at the time…while behind the scenes they simply changed tactics and their world control continued, but in a different form.

I would say that Operation Paperclip, that allowed hundreds if not thousands of Nazis to be relocated to the United States was part of that strategy.

SGAnon goes on to say a new word will have to be invented for treason by the time this is over, and that, with the arrest of the Commander in Chief, we’re entering the back side of the storm, which is much more intense.

He says what’s happening with banks has ties to this event.,saying that big banks were aiding the Epstein/Mossad child and sex trafficking global network…and notes that there’s a major inquiry in France into the fraudulent use of billions of dollars by the banking industry there.

Several times he says a WW3 scenario is still coming. But it’s necessary in order to shake even more people awake to how we have lived in a slave society, world wide – and it’s time for that to end.

Quote:- “We need to keep our heads clear to understand what is happening to our nation and nations everywhere.”

The indictment, he says, is an “unbelievable blunder by the Black hats,” then moves on to decoding what he can by referring to the date of the announcement, and specific past posts by Q.

“Today is the 30th of March 2023….which is 3 3 2 2 3 if we remove the zeroes.

“We understand the significance of the numbers; we can read their playbook because we know what to look for; the coded things (they have) inscribed in stone and media and classical literature (over centuries).

“It’s fascinating but not surprising,” he says, “that we have this mega event in the public space…which will invigorate and vitalize the MAGA movement.”

SGAnon points out that “At least since as early as 2015 the US military has been working to purge government individuals in order to rid our country of a choke-hold…which by proxy has existed all around the world.

“They knew Trump was going to be targeted…but he has been and is insulated and protected by special ops…

“The military understands he was lawfully elected in 2020….but was not able to take that position because a lot of warfare campaigns had to be accomplished.

“Historically all this will go down on the heads of the Black Hats themselves.”

“Q tells us POTUS will be insulated when (things) kick off…all we know is we have an established precedent now for a very strong future case to go after Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons….cabinet members…It will be the boomerang to end all boomerangs”

He said “Hussein is in the cross-hairs publicly” and says something about Hussein (Obama) having executed a soldier (???).

After saying 33 “is a very apparent calling card for Illuminati infestation,” he wonders about the 223 and what might that be related to? Could it pertain to the military?

A Google search came up with the 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion, “a subordinate to the 300 Military Intelligence Brigade, and part of the California National Guard. The National Guard is taking point in this operation.”

“The insignia for this battalion is a bear with a sunset in the background and a crest that looks like a sword or dagger….

“The Z bloodline with dagger coming through the Z is the Russian bear involved in all of this…and we are putting to death the SWIFT (financial) system around the world.”

“(The) Trump arrest is a military counter-intelligence operation providing insulation for the CIC to be used to bring down the Illuminati stronghold in the US justice system, and all over the world.”

He goes on to say the WW3 scenario will wake people up to how much we have been set up by the Illuminati, and asks, “Why are they trying to silence the only man in America who is promoting a peace plan?

“We are seeing an all encompassing WW3 scenario around the world…which will lead to tribunals…and the dethroning of the full Nazi black-hat apparatus.

Moving on to what is now being promoted as the Restrict Act, which is being sold to us as a way to protect America from foreign influence and disinformation under the guise of “national security” he says (and I am certain, quite correctly) that this is ” intended to cut off patriots from information everywhere….they are a threat to the Deep State rather than the people.”

In my opinion, IF the law passes, it too will be a boomerang issue.

IF it passes, it may temporarily inhibit the flow of information and revelations by patriots, BUT – if the real traitors are exposed, as we expect they will be, the law they think (or thought) would protect them, could well be used against them when it comes time for arrests and tribunals.

You might also be aware that there have been hearings about this online video app called TikTok, with claims that it is used to siphon information to the Communist Chinese Party, and that it should be banned in America.

As usual, there’s a Black Hat motive behind all this rhetoric about the public interest and national security.

Pointing out that TikTok videos are limited to 30 seconds, 1 minute and 3 minutes max, SGAnon explains that this is “a very effective and very dangerous tool in the hands of good guys; the Black Hat alliance that controls the Democrat remnants here in the US is seeking to get that under control.”

You can Hear the entire SGAnon report Number 47 below.

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3 responses to “Trump Indictment Analysis”

  1. Leilani Macmillan Avatar
    Leilani Macmillan

    Well-done, Michael! Your review really helped me understand and appreciate AGAnon’s report much better! Visuals included! 👍❤

  2. Mary Hath Spokane Avatar

    Thank you, Michael, for this thorough review of Trump’s indictment.

    1. David D Avatar
      David D

      Thank you Michael.
      I needed to hear that from SGAnon.
      It’s given me a fresh perspective!
      Enjoy the show.

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