Nashville School Shooter and others were/are transgender

Nashville School Shooting

The Nashville school shooting has once again fired up the false flag and gun control debates

This article addresses the Nashville school shooting, but not from the usual mainstream way of looking at such events.

By now, those of us who have been digging deep have concluded that at least 99 percent of these school shootings are false flags. There is very strong evidence for that False flag point of view.

A false flag is something that is intended to take your attention off something else – or, as in the days of pirating, a pirate would use a false flag to distract his potential victim, thereby disguising his true intent. His intent is to sneak up on his prey, kill most of them, and ransack the ship, and escape with all the bounty.

School shootings – as nasty as they are – as horrible as they are – as false flag as they are – serve exactly that purpose.

What we need to do, if ever these are to stop, is to find out who is the captain of the pirate ship, so to speak, and his crew, and put them to death.

While this will never bring back the countless victims of these murderous rampages, to my mind, there are other victims – victims who are never seen in that light by the average person who is reeling from shock at learning that yet another deranged individual has gone on a murder spree.

The victim I refer to, in this case, is the shooter – or the shooters – since there have almost been too many to count.

I am not referring of course to the long-ago shooting and fire-bombing of men women and children at the Waco compound. That was done by government agents during the Clinton presidency; nor the Ruby Ridge murder by a sniper – a government employee who killed in cold blood.

I am referring to the lone shooters whose actions, personalities and state of mental health, if you study them carefully, show glaring similarities.

In the past, we would find they had recently written a manifesto of some sort on social media; that several of them had communicated with an acquaintance prior to going off the rails; that a significant number of them were already on some sort of watch list by the FBI or law enforcement; and that most if not all of them had a record of psychiatric care, and had been prescribed anti-depressants or other drugs.

Some, like the Nashville school shooter, have confessed by text or posting on social media that they aresuicidal.

To the astute researcher, especially if you discover that their social media accounts were established only days or weeks before they went out and killed innocent people, that commonality stinks of the hidden hand of dark controllers; controllers who have perfected a format whereby the media will have headlines to run with for days.

And then, surprise surprise, politicians get in on the act and for the thousandth time say these killings will stop if we just ban guns, or take gun manufacturers to court, or get even tougher control of the sale and purchase of those Second Amendment things that are supposed to be our uninfringed right to possess and carry.

Naturally, the captured enemy of the people – the media – runs with the official line every time – never questioning at any point the possibility (the fact) that the shooter has been as much a victim of his/her false flag rampage, as any of those he or she (him/her?) might have killed or wounded.

Him/her I ask? Yes. Add to all that the latest common denominator, and you find that these individuals, who did the most recent shootings, were, or are, all transgender men or women. They were born of one sex but at some point they started identifying as the opposite.

It took hours for the Nashville cops to release the fact that the Nashville school shooter was transgender, a fact which apparently got a lot of people in the administration very upset.

Mind Control

In the past, I, and others, have speculated, with good reason, that the shooters were very likely under mind control, either because they were previously conditioned by the MKultra project, or some later “improved” version, perhaps through a more sophisticated method of inducing thoughts in their brains and minds.

If you’re willing to do your own research you’ll find plenty of articles and papers and patents on that subject, how it is done, and how it has been used. The technology is so effective that the recipients have no idea that some of their thoughts are not their own – and thus, they are programmed and activated whenever it suits the Pirate Captain and his crew to send them on a search and destroy rampage.

Now, what is it that the pirates might be trying to achieve?

Well, to some of us, it is very obvious, because every single tragedy of this nature is followed by a call for the banning of guns, be they “assault weapons” or even handguns with more than a certain magazine capacity.

Australia and New Zealand are classic examples of citizens voluntarily giving up their weapons after the staging of a false flag. In Australia, it was the gunning down of numerous individuals in Tasmania – which was blamed on a mentally deficient individual who has been in jail ever since.

In New Zealand – and I go out on a limb, but with good reason on this one – it was the internationally reported killing of over 50 people in two mosques in the city of Christchurch. Coincidentally (not) John pedophile Podesta had visited just a few days prior – and the Prime Minister of the time was Jacinda Arden, a graduate and disciple of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum academy for “Young Global Leaders.”

That shooter added a twist to the issue by using a body-cam to make a live broadcast on social media as he did his dirty work. Within 24 hours that footage was taken down and a law was quickly passed under which anyone viewing it could be either fined, or sent to jail.

However, I’m in America, I have seen the full footage, and there is absolutely no doubt that this was a planned false flag, perpetrated by a mind-controlled individual who, in my considered opinion, was receiving orders from his handlers. The video shows him talking by radio to one ofthem as he drives between the two locations.

Strangely, one of the freeze frames I pulled from that footage shows the number 14 on the very strange weapon he was using, and a fish hanging from the mirror in his vehicle provokes questions about its resemblance to these symbols in the palms of Pedodesta’s hands.

Britain is also a nation of mostly unarmed citizens, and in Canada, Trudeau (also a Schwab lackey) is hot on gun control as well.

What the Deep State, the Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia, or let’s say the World Economic Forum is really after, is total world control.

The presidential faker Joe Biden is totally on board with that – but the armed citizens of America are standing in their way.

This, in my view, explains very clearly why there are so many school shootings, always followed by yet another infringement on the rights of Americans to bear arms – a right which historically should not be infringed.

But that’s the goal of the Democrats – and some RINO Republicans as well.

It’s natural enough for people to be shocked every time a false flag such as this latest one at a Christian School in Nashville occurs. The Deep State Democrats are well aware of that, and they take advantage of it every time.

And this time, it looks as though this false president is about to take the anti-gun agenda much further.

Executive Order

For real-time evidence here’s an excerpt from a March 14 release from the White House. It’s about FJ Biden’s latest Executive Order – no Congressional debate allowed (bolding added for emphasis).

“Today, in Monterey Park, California, President Biden will announce an Executive Order with the goal of increasing the number of background checks conducted before firearm sales, moving the U.S. as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation.

“Again and again, he has called for Congress to act, including by banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, requiring background checks for all gun sales, requiring safe storage of firearms, closing the dating violence restraining order loophole, and repealing gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability.”

Here we go from false flag, to red flag.

The red flag in this executive order (among several) is requiring background checks for all gun sales…and that.. without additional legislation.

What I’m saying is that “background checks for all gun sales” is very likely intended to allow the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) to make a Rule “without additional legislation” requiring everyone, I mean everyone, including those at gun sales, to conduct a background check on every prospective purchaser.

Us Kiwis have a saying, which is probably universal. ” He’s as cunning as a …thouse rat.” – whatever that means, but you get the drift.

There’s also that old saying about rats leaving a sinking ship.

Happily, there is plenty of evidence at the moment that one ship in particular, the pirate ship of the WEF/Khazarian Mafia – crewed by the likes of that child-sniffer in the White House – is going down, with all hands.

Yes, we should pray for those shocked to the core by the killings in these false flag events. I’m sure the gods listen. But perhaps we should also pray for the most rapid demise possible of these Satanic psychopathic @#$#@ers who deserve nothing better than absolute annihilation.

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  1. Randy Avatar

    Hi Michael,
    I have watched and read almost every thing I get from you. Thanks for your great knowledge and insight. You are my go to for what’s happening in our country and world. Looking forward to every post.

  2. Laura Avatar

    Great job as usual. Thanks for being there for us! God Bless!

    1. Mark Avatar

      Astute as always sir. I do share the links to some of your posts, hope you don’t mind me doing that. More people need to read your insights 👍

      1. Michael Knight Avatar

        Share everywhere Mark – that’s why I write – to do what I can to alert folk to the state of the country, and the world. The mainstream media does an abysmal job of that.

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