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Mainstream journalism as it is, and as it was intended to be, are two very different things. And Ivory Hecker and Brittney Hopper are two very courageous women.

The reason I say that is because I must have been about 40 years ahead of what is now happening in the trade, in America.

I quit a lucrative career in television news in New Zealand back in the early 80s because my bosses were insisting on changing my scripts, or refusing to cover certain important issues that I had exclusive information about.

One reason I went independent was that I was provided with a thick folder of evidence that the then Prime Minister, Muldoon, was receiving million-dollar “non-repayable loans” whenever he put the country into debt by taking funds from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The papers just mysteriously appeared on my desk while I was out on another assignment – but when I spoke to my superiors they did their best to discourage me from following through.

As it turned out, I could not validate the information, even though there were copies of bank records from places like the Canary Islands and elsewhere. So the story never made it to air.

On another occasion when I objected to an editor “massaging” my script that would go to the newsreader of the day, he responded, “Never let the facts spoil a good story.”

That, in a nutshell, is the modus operandi of the news organizations that have become the lackeys of the New World Order, the Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia – call it what you will.

Fast forward to America – where I now live – and it is a real pleasure to see that a few, just a few, reporters are leaving the big media companies for exactly those reasons.

Journalism is supposed to be about gathering information, exploring the two or more sides to an issue, reporting as accurately and truthfully as you can, and allowing the viewers, readers, or listeners to reach their own conclusions.

As far as the mainstream is concerned those days are long gone. Integrity is long gone. Ethics? – Never heard the word.

It’s therefore with a great sense of relief that I am beginning to see that morality, ethics, and integrity still prevail, at least in the very few who have boldly questioned their corporate superiors, and just flat out quit the business.

These are the way-showers who, to me, signal that the world of corporate journalism is collapsing – and the realm of independent Internet journalism is starting to serve “customers” in the way they deserve. They deserve to be exposed to more than one side of the story – more than the prevailing narrative that is totally influenced by media moguls and corrupt politicians and governments.

Talking of moguls….

Murdoch is 92, and just got married for about the 5th time.

Rupert Murdoch is an Australian who got into the American media scene during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Murdoch promised to support Republicans if he was allowed in.

He had his way – and has become a total turncoat, trashing Donald Trump at every opportunity.

The fact that ratings for the likes of CNN, and Fox, and others, continue to tank is proof that their audiences have become extremely dissatisfied with their bias, their endless opinionated utterances, and their obvious political agendas.

You can’t have six or seven years of mainstream US outlets vilifying, denigrating, and slandering the likes of Donald Trump without coming to the conclusion that unbiased reporting is deader than the proverbial Dodo bird.

From Canada, to the UK, to the US and even down to New Zealand, governments have injected literally millions of taxpayer dollars into “supporting” mainstream “news” organizations.

In other words, “news” has been weaponized (to use a currently popular term) which, in far simpler terms, means that it has become nothing but propaganda – exacerbated by the fact that the corporate owners of social media such as Facebook and Twitter (in the past) have also been in on the game of censorship, suppression, and narrative control – propaganda rules supreme.

Independence has been flushed down the gurgler.

But not completely.

Ivory Hecker and Brittney Hopper

What a delight then, to find in America just a few, a very few, reporters who have held on to their dignity, their desire to dig for truth and accuracy and impartiality in what they report – and their courageous decisions to go it alone.

Ivory Hecker and Brittney Hopper have, hopefully, started what will become a significant exodus from the legacy media.

Also among those of note are Seymour Hersh – he exposed the My Lai massacre in Vietnam at a time when the New York Times was worthy of the name as a purveyor of truth (but no longer).

Hersh these days is doggedly exposing the role of the US in sabotaging the Nordstream Pipeline. In response, today’s toady journos attack Hersh personally, while omitting the evidence he has so carefully uncovered.

Sharyl Attkison, Lora Logan, Greg Hunter, and now Ivory Hecker (formerly Fox) and Britney Hopper (formerly CBS Los Angeles) are high on my list of those worthy of respect.

Ivory and Britney had a great discussion on Ivory’s totally independent news show this week.

Imagine having your mind set on becoming a television reporter from the age of 12 – achieving that dream – working for 18 years at CBS LA – eventually realizing your bosses only want to air one side of the story (according to their political leanings) – and finally concluding, as Britney says, the “media is the root of all evil.”

Imagine being told when required to wear a mask while reporting on location during the pandemic, that you must NOT wear that mask in future.

What mask?

The one that is an American flag.


Because it might seem that you are a supporter of Trump.

As she says, and it’s an indisputable fact, “they cherry pick what they want the narrative to be.”

They also tell their reporters what words to use. Like when LA was being trashed and burned and looted, Britney was on location, talked about “rioting” and “protests” and was told not to use those words. Instead, she must call it “an uprising.” And she must most definitely not say that it “looks like a third world country” – but it did.

Ivory Hecker’s parting from Fox is a great story in itself. She actually quit while doing a report on air. Considering her gender, I don’t suppose I should yield to the temptation to say “that takes ….”

Honestly, considering the state of the world at present, and the fact that there really isn’t much positive news to report on these days, I found this interview both informative, and refreshing, because it offers an insight into the way things are moving, albeit slowly, toward a much better future, and these people are really the vanguard of a new era in the information world.

If for no other reason, it’s worth watching just for the sake of seeing courage in action.

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