WEF Agenda 21 – Canada Town Says NO

And Then We Hear “Agenda 21? HELL NO!”

There is a saying that truth has a ring to it, and in this case it certainly does.

In Canada, a local council has just been given a short history lesson by local citizens who are waking up to the dark side of the New World Order Agenda 21.

They were told how Canada, and almost 200 other countries, are now controlled by hundreds of unelected individuals, working for organisations such as the UN, the WHO, and as corrupt politicians who are selling their nations down the drain.

But it goes back much further than that.

What you’ll hear is that starting in 1992, almost 200 countries signed on to the United Nations’ Agenda 21, lured by the promise of big money to go green.

“By 2000 these countries were being governed by directions of the UN, G7, G20, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and World Health Organisation (WHO) to name some.

“Every organization named is a foreign based NGO and every member of all these organizations is unelected.

“In 1994 all towns in Canada were told how they were to restructure thjeir governments.

“Though it was a non-binding agreement, all towns adopted it.

“Our public officials partnered with the Corporation of the Town of Aurora…and then instituted the globalist agenda instead of a local one.

The UN and WEF signed a strategic partnership framework in 2019 to “jointly accelerate the 2030 agenda for sustainable development”.

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Agenda 21? There Is NO – And There Is “Hell No!”

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4 responses to “WEF Agenda 21 – Canada Town Says NO”

  1. Madya Panfilio Avatar
    Madya Panfilio

    Christine is so direct and clear!
    Let’s have a U S Congressman or Senator … speak this direct!!!

  2. Doug Ford Avatar
    Doug Ford

    There is no way any of these NGOs should be dictating policy in Canada. We need to pull out of all these organizations.

  3. Val Anderson Avatar
    Val Anderson

    There is no where to run to. There is nowhere to hide. This is literally a fight for the survival of civilization, and the soul of mankind. We dare not lose, or a darkness will fall that could last 1,000 years. God be with us all

  4. Barbara Avatar

    But the non-elected demonRats in the USA threaten us and our kids, they degrade our religions,
    they try to shame us, calling us “racists” & “bigots,” scare us by smashing and grabbing businesses, killing people who confront them, raping women who stand up to them… It’s hard to stand up to EVIL!

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