Migrants head thru jungle into Panama camp

The Truth About The Southern Border – Live

The US is Funding Camps For Illegals in Panama as you will learn in this first genuine footage, the truth about the southern border, shot live on a link between Michael Yon in Panama and Mike Adams in his Brighteon studio in Texas.

These are real people, and it becomes clear that they genuinely believe they have been invited by the “president” himself to come to America.

That’s why this video deals with the truth about the southern border.

This is a freeze-frame from on the spot footage at a Panama camp for migrants who are being given money and bus rides as they journey to the US southern border.

This group includes Haitians, Venezuelans, Chinese and Colombians.

You will see they are being funded by a United Nations entity, and assisted by the United States.

Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas recently visited this camp, after which it was rapidly expanded in size.

It is one of many that are used to house and assist tens of thousands of migrants from 104 countries.

In my assessment, having migrated to America in 1990 and become a naturalized citizen (and patriot) myself, I sense that many of them genuinely believe they will become good citizens of the United States.

Unfortunately, for them, they apparently have no knowledge of the truth about the southern border “invasion.”

Again, in my assessment after watching this video and their demeanor when interviewed on the spot, I am sure they have no idea they are being used in a Deep State and Global project to destabilize countries around the world – with special emphasis on America, assisted by the current administration and its Deep State agency heads.

This video report by “The Health Ranger” – Mike Adams – was recorded live with his guest, war correspondent Michael Yon, on the scene and then inside the camp itself.

True, a percentage of them, says Yon, are obviously gang members, but there are also men of military age, and families including small children – who, he says, are given toys (like a stuffed rabbit) as they make the journey on foot through the jungle to camps such as this.

[What is not mentioned is that there is a strong possibility that young children and women will likely be kidnapped and forced into the child and sex trafficking pipeline cotrolled by the hidden elite and the Khazarian Mafia, aka the Deep State. But what I did like to hear was that Panamanian Special Forces tracked, killed, and captured a group of rapists. Good Job!].

From here, they will be taken by bus on the next stage of their journey.

Yon tells Adams that he also has a glossy map that is given to these prospective migrants showing the route through the many countries they must travel from, throughj, and to, the southern border. (That will be shown in a following video).

To paraphrase Mike Adams, little do they know that they have chosen to escape tyrants and dictators in their own countries – only to be heading toward a country which itself is under the yoke of tyrants and dictators on many levels….and it’s getting worse.

View the complete video “as it happens” at this link:- It opens in a new tab.


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