Ramtha Prophecy Gold And Plagues

This is a followup to a newsletter which linked to a Christian pastor and included information from the Bible about Gog and Magog – and “end times.”

“End times” seems like as good a way as any to shorthand what we are experiencing – no matter what our beliefs – at this time in history so today I created a video incorporating prophecies by Ramtha from 1991 and, from another source, a message about the next pandemic being imminent.

I did make the point that I see these as “end times” for the globalists. However, they are certainly not going down without a fight.

It is a fact that they have planned for a long time to eliminate millions of us from the planet, while they ensconce themselves in the underground cities they have constructed over millennia.

Russia’s incursion into Ukraine has yielded the above image from just one such stockpile of uncontaminated foodstuffs.

Russia has also revealed that many laboratories existed in Ukraine, many involved in “gain of function” research in order to create viruses as bioweapons.

Among them is a strain of avian flu, which they infected birds with, and flew them into Russia to kill Russian civilians.

Others are set up for the most horrific abuse and murder of children – the harvesting of adrenochrome from their blood.


I have also reported that many chicken farms in America that “mysteriously” burned down, had been deliberately contaminated with avian flu in order to have literally millions of chickens killed off.

This served a dual pourpose. Avian flu was once again “on the loose” as a propaganda asset aimed at the general public, while the eradication of so many chickens added to food shortages and rising prices – inflation for the average family.

Aside from referencing Gog and Magog in the Book of Revelation, John The Divine also foresaw “the mark of the beast” – aka the numbers 666. I am sure we are all now very familiar with its widespread use by the Ulluminati.

Their intention has always been to control humanity, especially through the use of money, no matter what currency it might be, or what form it might be in – whether cash, checks, cards, and now, potentially a cashless society in which everything is digital and we are totally under their control.

As of this moment, I’m thinking it’s all very well to “Trust The Plan” and to believe that the “White Hats” are going to save the day.

But it looks to me as though they are up against an incredibly evil and utterly determined enemy – an enemy of all humanity. We might read Tweets and Posts about how they are in panic, desperate, afraid, and on their last legs – but that does not alter the fact that they are fighting back with devastating effect.

The Christian pastor in yesterday’s video had a message that I am sure resonated with many people; and calling his blog “Blog and Mablog” gave me the chance to investigate that particular prophecy.

Then, I chose to seek out some more recent prophecies, including some of those by Ramtha The Enlightened One, who has been channeling through JZ Knight (no relation) of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment since 1977.

In 1991 he foresaw exactly what we are experiencing today. Plagues, the exposure of underground cities, major fluctuations in the price of gold, and the intention of the “greymen” (as he called them) to introduce digital banking. (All covered in my latest video linked below).

I have used that very short video, which includes updates and statements made in just the past few weeks by the likes of Redfield, about “gain of function” research, and his blunt revelation that yet another plague is in the offing.

That is followed by a few words from a person and organisation I knew nothing about until I received an email and followed the link.

The individual, Jason Shurka I believe, speaks very concisely about the “next pandemic” (avian flu) being imminenet.

Just as a heads-up, I found it credible, but nevertheless disturbing, even though he is saying “we can stop this” if we make his video viral, and if “we the people” are able to expose their plan.

However, my feelings are not the issue here.

No matter how you look at it, or from whatever spiritual perspective we might see what’s happening, we are not only witnessing a war to the death between good and evil, we are also like civilians caught in the crossfire between two implacable forces.

Take the current battle over the city of Bakhmut in Ukraine for example. (Above images are from a Moscow newspaper “special” from that city.


It has been a long-running bloody and deadly campaign, raising the question, WHY?

Long story short – and based on months of research outside the mainstream propaganda – Bakhmut is the hub of the Black Hat global network of thousands, yes thousands, of miles of underground tunnels, cities, child trafficking, money laundering, adrenochrome and bioweapon laboratories.

The most recent information I have seen (and there’s no way to confirm this) is that Russia has now been able to cut off Ukraine’s resupply lines. Both sides have lost hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers, but Russia’s resolve seems to be totally unshakeable.

All that said, here are links to this and other videos and articles that will provide you with a new landscape of information from which to draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions – and preparations – according to your circumstances and choices.

Today’s video – Prophecy – And The Next Plague


Look inside Ramtha school / free videos.


Jason Shurka as a standalone video if you wish to pass it on without Ramtha’s prophecies.


Real Raw News adrenochrome article (and many others re behind-the-scenes White Hat and Gitmo actions).


Also, Deep Stater Arrested for Sabotaging Nation’s Food Supply

Best wishes.

Be well – prepared.

Michael Knight

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