President Trump and the Ramtha Prophecy

This book about President Trump and the Ramtha prophecy is one of a kind.

It was first published in 2017 after Ramtha had made a prediction that President Trump would be escorted to his inauguration by UFOs.

And the Ramtha prophecy about President Trump came true just a few weeks later.

Click on the Video image below to see and hear Ramtha make the Trump Prophecy in his own words on Dec 8, 2016

The full title and cover of the book.

President Trump and the New World Order – The Ramtha Trump Prophecy.

Aside from being about President Trump and the Ramtha prophecy, this book is about the Rothschild dynasty, the Deep State and the New World Order agenda, all of which are aspects of the pyramid of power that President Trump is up against.

Following are two reviews from almost 500 to date.

Available as a signed $19.95 paperback (US sales only) on my website at this link – just click the headline – or scroll down for the paperback ($14.95) and Kindle version on Amazon.

You can check out further reviews, and buy the book as a paperback ($14.95) or Kindle version, on Amazon at this link.


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