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Michael Knight’s North Star Newsletter, blog, and professional videos are Old School honest journalism. They are focused on current worldwide events that – to put it bluntly – threaten our very future in multiple ways.

Michael began his International career in New Zealand in 1960. He has worked and covered hundreds of assignments in newspapers, radio and television in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Britain. He has also been a news cameraman, national news editor, documentary and film writer and director, and is a professional video creator – uploading regular reports to his various video outlets. Michael emigrated to become a US citizen in 1990.

He has written seven books – some now out of print – but two of his best sellers were banned by Amazon prior to the 2020 election. His YouTube channel, which had over a million views and 20,000 subscribers was shut down at the same time, and he was also banned by Mailchimp (which he had used for over a decade) and Facebook as well. No doubt that’s because, having researched and written about the New World Order for over 40 years, his reports and books have revealed the truth and facts about the Deep State. His work is focused on exposing their efforts to establish total worldwide control.

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