Official NZ Data On Vax Deaths

A New Zealand scientist who created the country’s vaccination database has released a statistical analysis – the first of its kind in the world.

It has global implications because the numbers don’t lie – they record only the relationship between being vaccinated, and the end of life.

In New Zealand, the data shows that the normal 0.75% daily demise, has jumped to as much or more than 30% among the vaccinated, and that is happening almost every day.

This video includes a full explanation by the scientist concerned, although his revelations have been decried as a “cons piracy the ory” by the NZ Govt.

Nevertheless, they have not said that any of the anonymised data is inaccurate. Because it isn’t.

Click to view – it’s bad news for many, but revealing the truth is the only way to stop this terrible agenda. So please feel free to download and post to your own channels – or email the link to everyone on your list. Let them decide whether or not to check it out.
Knowledge – information – whether good or not so good, is essential when it comes to making truly informed choices and decisions for ourselves.

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And this goes with that – US police who took the jab “die suddenly,” while others who refused and were fired must be reinstated. Just click on the “featured image” that comes up and an embed from Bitchute will play. It is very short, but makes the point that, worldwide, there is a HUGE problem . And even if you refused the jab, you should seriously look into the issue of “shedding.”

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One response to “Official NZ Data On Vax Deaths”

  1. Victoria Serbia Avatar
    Victoria Serbia

    These are dark times is well said. The statistics of one in 4 dead can be extrapolated globally and does not include the number of injured. Life will never be the same. Pray for strength and guidance from God Almighty

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