Nuclear War – Maybe Not

Nuclear War – Maybe Not.

What sort of headline is that, and what hope is there that there will not be a nuclear war?

If Russia has just announced that it is ready to establish a nuclear arsenal in Belarus, does that not really sound the alarm bells about nuclear war being imminent?

Before we go too far down that snake pit, what say we pause and take a few notes from the mysterious SGAnon’s 46th podcast.

Like many others who have been aware of the enigmatic Qposts since 2017, SGAnon makes a serious effort to decipher or decode those enigmatic drops.

The understanding is that President Trump is designated as Q+ within those drops – and that he now uses various techniques, such as misspellings in his Truth Social posts, to indicate that the subject he is referring to correlates with one or more of the Q drops from the past.

To those who are not familiar with the Qsaga, this must sound pretty weird – perhaps even unbelievable.

However, it has been shown repeatedly that a Q-drop of the past has been time-stamped to the second to match a post by President Trump on social media. At a certain point, it becomes mathematically impossible to say this is mere coincidence.

Many of those Q-posts included phrases like “future proves past” and decoders have noted that there have been occasions when events in the present do “coincidentally” gel with posts from the past.

The essence of decoding therefore seems to be the ability to glean clues from present drops – in this case by President Trump on Truth Social – and find within them a connection to Q-posts that could have appeared several years ago.

In this Report 46, SGAnon – an avid researcher and decoder himself – notes a misspelling in a recent Truth Social post by the president.

I did some sleuthing on Trump’s Truth Social account myself, and this is the one SGAnon refers to.

The man who could provoke nuclear war

Trump’s post is missing the letter A in the word parliament.

SGAnon does not appear in person in his reports. They are audio only – but you can tell that he has his computer up and running, and he is going through numerous tabs and various sites, including (so I deduced) one where Q posts from the past have been archived.

For this report, he notes that one or more of the Q posts have signaled that missing letters are a key code point. He then refers to Q posts numbered 988 to 997, which came out in the first week of April, 2018.

A clock that runs out on March 31 this year is also mentioned. (I’m not sure how relevant that is, but to a decoder it obviously has some significance.

He goes on to say the Commander in Chief (that’s President Trump) has recently mentioned April “15 or 20 times.”

We all know that April the first is April Fool’s Day – and it’s supposed to be a fun day.

But April may not be much fun at all for a lot of people – which includes the Black Hats, but us as well because we are all affected one way or another by events and battles in this silent war.

The April 2018 Q posts, as cryptic as they were, talked about Facebook, Amazon Google and Twitter having big problems; issues surrounding North Korea; and even a MOAB, which means Mother of All Bombs; not literally so much as a descriptor for some event that could have an immense effect, or be of extreme public interest.

Right now, says SGAnon, we are in a “very hectic and frenzied time.”

One thing about doing your own research, and he does a lot, you have to admit that many if not all your conclusions are speculative – and he admits that up front.

There’s no speculation any more about the world banking system. They’re now dropping like flies (my words, not his). And it’s absolutely obvious that America is being invaded through its southern border.

That, he says, could possibly see military action in the months ahead.

Counter-intelligence comes into the picture, with the idea that the White Hats are going after people who have used the Five-Eyes intelligence gathering apparatus to spy on Trump and Americans for the benefit of the Black Hats – with the observation that Hussein Soetoro Obama has been the treasonous leader of that operation.

Another current narrative is the threat of nuclear war, which brings us back to a couple of Truth Social posts.

NATO concerned about nuclear war

President Trump had something to add to that.

Trump calls nuclear war The Big Stuff

SGAnon was a day or two ahead of the president’s post, noting that North Korea has been testing weapons or missiles that could create radioactive tsunamis; and the msm is certainly thundering its claims that Russia has a nuclear submarine that could detonate an atomic bomb that would create a tsunami 1000ft high.

“I see it very possible,” says SGAnon, “that we’ll see a radioactive event in the Pacific…being spun in the media narrative (although it) may be based in real events…or not.” He added his opinion that there is not going to be a nuclear war, but things will go all the way to the precipice.

He goes on to wonder who is behind all these people…behind Obama for instance, who is a Black Hat leader; who is setting up the narrative about nuclear events – about which Russia has said Ukraine has intentions of creating or doing something they can blame on Russia –

Meanwhile, Russia’s special military operation is closing in on the city of Bakhmut, which has been a hub of underground activities – for centuries – by an occult religion (let’s call them Satanists who murder children for adrenochrome). It is a major intersection for underground labs, child trafficking and the sort of horrors we find it hard to imagine.

And then, through tribunals which will be held in the city of Mariupol, Russia will expose to the world what it has discovered, and uncovered.

Putin says Russia is prepared for but does not want nuclear war

We can also expect China to make its move on Taiwan where, says SGAnon, there are perhaps hundreds of bioweapon facilities, many disguised as veterinary and/or health clinics. That incursion will in turn paralyze international shipping – which plays a huge role in the transport of missing children…and that could be followed by “some serious desperation moves by the Black Hats.” –

On the financial front, which does its restart on April the 1st, we’ve not only seen a couple of big banks go under in America (and they had ties to money laundering for the Epstein/Mossad operation) Europe’s Deutsche Bank has now collapsed. It was the third largest bank in Europe.

I suspect this is most likely a planned sell-implosion by the banks. Using their old playbook of creating a problem, engendering chaos, then offering a solution, it’s pretty obvious (to some) that they are pushing to introduce and fully control their form of digital currency – thereby making us slaves once again to their version of (fake) money.

Good luck with that.

I don’t think the literally millions of people who are marching and protesting around the world are going to fall for that one.

Instead, we’re going to see the likes of Macron in France deposed (Paris is burning as we speak), followed by Canada’s Trudeau and so on around the globe.

As a closing thought, these WEF lackeys are surely moisturizing their nickers, afraid to go out in public for fear of eggs being replaced by stones – or maybe a guillotine?

SGAnon’s 46th presentation, in full, is at this link:-

Also, I made a video that goes into more detail about how to decode Trump’s comms (communications) – it’s at this link.

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