Israel And Hamas At War

Through A Looking Glass

The image below is of a looking glass device, based on Tesla technology. Using a looking glass enables its operators to peer into the past, and the future. It could have been used to foresee Israel and Hamas at war.

In this case, we see that a camera is used to record whatever images occur within the field of view.

President Trump’s Uncle had access to all of Tesla’s papers. He worked for the military and this, allegedly, was the device that was buiilt and used successfully.

There has been speculation that President Trump has used something like this, so he (and the White Hats) have known what was coming and planned accordingly.

The point is, assuming Trump and the White Hats have used this technology, they MUST have known what was coming in this conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Why then did they not move to prevent it, to save the lives of thousands?

As unpalatable as it is, it is because this is war, not just between Israel and Hamas.

It is a global war.

This one is a false flag war deliberately engineered by the Dark side in a desperate attempt to save themselves from exposure, and annihilation.

But if they knew it was coming, once again the question is, why did the White Hats not do something to prevent Israel and Hamas starting what looks like an escalating war?

The best explanation I can come up with is that, perhaps, their Looking Glass information revealed that by allowing it, despite the loss of life on all sides, the world at large would be further shocked into the “Great Awakening.”

As trite as that may sound, it is a fact that the Dark side – the globalists or Deep State as they are known – have used False Flag events many times.

Those of us who have done even rudimentary research over the years, do not need a Looking Glass to view the past. Memory serves just as well. And having studied and written books about the NWO/Illuminati for 40 years out of my 78, I have a pretty good memory.

We know the Cabal has used its control of governments, control of money, control of the media, and control of corporations and institutions like the United Nations and the World Health Organisation to create false flag and fear scenarios to manipulate and control human affairs for eons.

Sadly, until now, most people, worldwide, have been completely unaware of these machinations. They have no idea why Israel and Hamas are once again at war.

The Cabal’s intent has always been at least two-fold, and much more.

On the one hand, they profit from war. On the other, they eliminate many of the best men in the world – men of spirit and valor who die for what they believe is a just cause.

They fight for freedom, liberty, their families and their countries.

And they die in battle – and their blooodline and lineage dies with them.

In turn, the secret manipulators have retained and further cemented their control of governments and the people at large, while also preserving their darkest endeavors; their Satanic practices of human trafficking and the torture and sacrifice of millions of children.

That is what this two-faced war between Israel and Hamas is really about.

One face is that of the Dark Ones whose reign of bribery, corruption, Satanism and unspeakable evil is being brought to light by the other face – the White Hats within the military, and within politics.

 Predictably, as far as the Western media is concerned, it is time to focus our attention on this war – a war that could conceivably escalate to the nuclear level.

This also takes our attention off Ukraine, whose so-called offensive has gone nowhere, with Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing last week that the Ukrainian military had lost as many as 90,000 troops since it launched its counteroffensive in June. While failing to achieve any significant progress, Kiev had reportedly also lost nearly 1,900 armored vehicles and some 557 tanks, according to the president. (Source)

In the above image we see men digging more graves in Ukraine for the thousands who have lost their lives in this war with Russia.

As far as America’s National Public Radio is concerned, “Gaza is in a humanitarian crisis, days into the war between Israel and Hamas. Power is out, and the enclave is completely under siege — cut off from food, fuel, water and electricity. The conflict has claimed a total of at least 2,500 Palestinian and Israeli lives.The crossing into Egypt has been hit at least three times.”

This is factual. There’s no denying that, although we might question the numbers. They might be higher, or lower.

However, the media will not even begin to ask if all the wars we’ve experienced for over 200 years are pre-planned, and most often kicked into gear with a false flag of some kind, including this one between Israel and Hamas.

Past False Flags

One’s memory “looking glass,” looking back, can recall 9/11 being the False Flag that got America into Afghanistan.

Lies about “Weapons of mass destruction” were the falsehoods that got us into Iraq.

A US ship reportedly fired upon in the Gulf of Tonkin got us into Vietnam.

Pearl Harbor – World War Two.

The sinking of the Lusitania, reportedly with the loss of hundreds of civilian lives, was the false flag that triggered America’s entry into World War One.

And in every case, it was the Khazarian Mafia – its banking familes and captured poiliticians and/or willing Satanists who were behind the false flags.

So – what’s different about Hamas mounting a “surprise” slaughter of innocents that kicked off this current debacle?

How did they manage that without one of the best Secret Services or intelligence agencies in the world – Israel’s Mossad – not knowing it was coming?

They knew.

Now think about this.

Think really deep.

Who, throughout history, have intellighece agecies answered to?

They have answered to and therefore worked on behalf of, those we believe to be in power.

Our “Leaders.”

At this point, we should again activate the looking glass of the mind – and give the camera lens a very thorough cleanup, because if we haven’t already done so, it is time to get a very clear view of the present.

According to my camera, the vast majority of our world leaders and governments are nothing but power hungry criminals.

They are conmen and conwomen who are willing to create false flag atrocities in order to further their secret agendas; and to preserve and continue their filthy perversions, including trafficking in children in order to harvest their blood.

That is what the likes of Obama, Netenyahu, Biden, Schwab and countless others are desperately trying to protect.

I can’t put it more bluntly than that.

And while I’m being blunt, how is it that the Zionists (who are not genuine Jews) who have spent decades telling us we are anti-semites, garnering genuine sympathy from those of us who abhor the very thought of the holocaust in which millions of Jews were murdered by the Nazis, are now themselves carpet bombing Gaza in a holocaust of slaughter of men women and children?

Is this just the beginning of the end? The beginning of a war between Israel and Hamas that will continue to escalate at the cost of many more thousands of lives until it ends in a mushroom cloud of destruction – at which point these Khazarian Mafia so-called Zionist Jews will be safely ensconced in their underground cities?

Believe it or not, my looking glass does not see that as the inevitable future.

What it is showing, as the most probable consequence, is certainly more horror as the hydra-headed monster that is the WEF/NWO agenda and its people, is finally fully exposed, and its heads cut off, completely.

And, in some cases, literally.

Mainstream – Lies By Omission

If this sounds like false optimism, let me support that with some additional information, based on several days of researching what’s going on.

The mainstream media will continue to report what they are told to report. In many cases, what they are told will be lies, or carefully crafted statements from the Globalist playbook based on the “problem, reaction, solution” script that has served them so well for so long.

They create a problem (false flag), get a predictable fear-based reaction from we the sheeple, then impose their “solution.”
Their solutions ALWAYS take away more freedoms and introduce more controls, which in turn reinforces the authority of the authorities.

An example of that would be the introduction of the Patriot Act in America, very shortly after the Twin Towers went down (as did Buiilding 7, all by itself). The Patriot Act had to have been in the works before the Twin Towers were destroyed.

This escalating war has not happened spontaneously, or in isolation from recent and current world events.

Keep in mind that the unseen hand of the Dark Side controllers has spanned the entire globe for hundreds of years.

You could say they have war-gamed the future – without ever considering that they might come up against an enemy that would defeat them, and eventually annihilate them.

That enemy is not just one man (Trump) or one group of “White Hats.”

That enemy, that they never accounted for, is US – we the people who have finally even if reluctantly pulled the wool OFF our own eyes.

Because of that, countries in both hemispheres have seen literally millions of people mounting protests against their rulers in the past three years.

Hundreds of thousands in Israel alone have been continually demonstrating against Netenyahu’s intention to change the laws of the country.

Honestly, I am NOT an antisemite, but their is much evidence that Netenyahu is a Zionist; a globalist – a Khazarian Jew, a fake jew.

And it is he and his fellow Zionists who carefully planned this incursion by Hamas.

They ordered their soldiers at the Gaza border to stand down – and allowed Hamas to do its dirty deeds, to kill the innocent by the hundreds, in as many as a dozen settlements inside Israel.

Naturally, the world believes this was all a “surprise” and an “unprecedented” attack.

But, like America’s 9/11, it was no surprise to the planners and perpetrators; no surprise to the politicians in both countries who told their military to stand down.

This is an unfolding story, and it may be weeks, months, a year or more before there is any final resolution….so I’ll leave it at that for now, and allow others to have their say, starting with The Times of Israel

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What Others Think About Israel and Hamas

These responses are from posts on social media.

Trump using a red phone for all communications from now on.


“A separate war in Israel is happening underground”

– Donald Trump

If Israel created Hamas.

Who attacked Israel?

Israeli intelligence – stand down

Israeli military is waiting for a full ground invasion.

Putin has notified Trump about his intentions to stand with Palestine

Trump has met with 200 Generals this week alone

Human trafficking operations are happening now. The public must stay calm. Israel is last for a reason.

There are two wars being waged right now in the Middle East:

1. War against child sex traffickers.

2. War by Israel to create Greater Israel.

One in the air. One underground.

Eventually the two will meet.

Before you get Mk-Ultra’d into believing that IRAN  is the evil country that without provocation attacked the innocent ISRAEL  consider the following:

The funding and support for the war in Ukraine  just dried up.

It is becoming public knowledge that the Ukraine war is a money laundering operation.

People are now seeing the Nazi connection in Ukraine.

Biden is getting torched in the MSM news… Trump is rising in the polls.

So… what does the Deep state do? They do what they always do.

They create a distraction that changes the narrative instantly, re-energizes their money laundering operation and will give them a chance at WWIII (or 4 depending on how you look at it).

A World War is the last and only chance the Cabal has at winning. This is their end game and even though they lose… it will get messy.

President Trump knows what is happening but he will have to go along with the narrative as we are saving Israel  for last.

If he tells the truth he will be labeled an Anti-Semite.

Remember… The Deep State Cabal has funded both sides of every major war for the last 250 years.

Knowing how protected Israel is… do you really think the original attacks from Hamas would have been so successful?

It’s as if the Bank Manager left the front door and the safe open when he left the bank for the evening. C’mon Man!

This is the time for our discernment.

Stay positive and keep your faith in God as these are the end times… for EVIL!

About The Author

Michael Knight began his career as an international (honest) journalist in New Zealand in 1960.

He moved to the United States in 1990, and is now a US citizen – and Patriot.

He has been researching and writing about the New World Order for 40 years.

Knight has written seven books – several now out of print, and two blocked by Amazon prior to the 2020 Presidential election.

The one below is still available.

This book has almost 500 positive reviews on Amazon.

It is not only about a fulfilled prophecy about President Trump. It also explores the long history of the New World Order, known variously as the Illuiminati, the Khazarian Mafia, and the Deep State.

And it offers a very positive view of the future.

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