For future historians, and current participants, this is a selection from many memes and videos seen this past week. It is certainly a very small insight into what’s happening in our world.

There are quite a few entries here, so I’d suggest you first scroll through, then decide for yourself which ones you want to watch or follw up on.

For Starters, while EndTimes it may be for many, it’s also the transition to the New Times, including TheNewNuremburg trials.

The above video is one man’s report after years of studying Q posts and world events. I’d say draw your own conclusions.

Square The Circle? Problem Solved.

One might also ask, why does a flat earth require north and south poles?

Geneva – Head Of The Snake

Pascal Najadi has much to say about cutting off the head of the snake.

“And there were giants in the Earth….”

The Old Testament has lots of references to Giants, but, naturally, religion never tells us much about them, except that they “came down” and did some breeding with the women they found “fair.” Being one who knows, without a doubt, that there is always more to the story, I have found recent images and videos about giants, and Tartaria, to be quite fascinating. Where did the giants “come down” from? If they did, they must have been an earlier creation – earlier than this planet anf its people (Adam and Eve for starters) . Why not check out Tartaria on YouTube and see what you come up with?

This is a short version about Big Horses and Big People.

Orphan Trains – Tartaria – And Mud Floods

While the official or accepted story is that there were many orphans in America, and as many as 250,000 of them were sent by train to work on farms, my view is that pedophilia was as rampant in those days as it is now.

However, on the subject of Tartaria and mud floods, the following video, although long was, to me, quite fascinating.

It includes the above image, but starts with an absorbing discussion about Tartaria.

End Times Become Personal Bioweapon/Vax Reactions

Chris Cuomo Interviews A Man Who Had An Immediate Reaction – and says he has issues himself.

Real Raw News

When I first came across RealRawNews a couple of years back, I was intrigued, but by no means ready to use any of their material or links to the articles by “Michael Baxter.”

I waited almost a year while noticing his writing style, and the frequency with which he posted lengthy articles which, in my experience, would ordinarily require weeks if not months of research. And his were coming out with far greater frequency than that.

His writing style was somewhat off-putting as well, with its hyperbole and moments of dramatisation.

These days, most of the articles, writtren njust days apart, and at considerable length, relate to the arrest, trial by military tribunal, and execution of a wide variety of people some of us have identified or understand to be “Deep State” players. Others are quite surprising.

However, Baxter’s website does say it is a satire site. In other words, that is saying the reports just might be made up fantasy versions of current issues, and are offered as entertainment only.

Whether they’re fantasy or satire, for the Deep State they must be a bad dream come true….while Patriots might see them as a better option than Jimmy Kimmel or Saturday Night Live. I think they might be a mix of all the above.

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