Satan and his minions must think they had a field day during the eclipse, spraying millions with a bioweapon, while others wondered, where’s the moon?

The US Air Force used Hercules planes to spray millions of eclipse watchers with invisible powder.

The Deep State Black Hat Satan worshippers – including some in the the US Air Force – used the April 8 eclipse as a next step in their efforts to create the next pandemic. This is also a precursor to a time of Satanic rituals. Be sure to keep your children safe. However, there is a possibility that the White Hats, and we the people, will shortly witness (one hopes) divine intervention – and the end of the rule of Satan and his puppets.

Please feel free to download, copy, share, or email this link to others – especially those in the path of the chemtrail planes.

After watching that, you might also be interested in this bonus video.

Sealed Indictments Top 400,000

What’s reportedly happening Behind The Scenes.

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Memoirs Of A Misfit

To be honest, I totally messed up with the title of this book. It would be far better titled “Adventures of a Free Spirit,” or something like that. And, with the benefit of 79 years of hindsight, I can say for certain that the many times I faced death by misadventure, it wasn’t me, or chance, or good luck that saved my butt. And, fortunately, I did make it to the age of 19 and got a start in what has been a 60-year career. A great life indeed.

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